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April 20, 2016

Booming electropop and fiery R&B ignite with much power on Londoner LOOP’s second song, Looking At You. The thrilling ballad is majestic and rousing, a rich and splendorous, riveting and frantic pop anthem. Its a high tempo flare up after LOOP’s sexy first single, Love Bites, a darkly woozy future R&B tinged BANKS evocative jewel which you can stream below. The electronic pop talent in London always seems incredibly stacked, but LOOP stands out from the crowd with her crisp and polished, vivid and vibrant first songs. 

August 20, 2015

An onslaught of luscious beats and sexy vocals flow abundantly on deep house and R&B jam Looking At You, an ace tune from Sweden’s Sapele. The soulful dance jam comes from Sapele’s upcoming EP, The Day, and it exudes endless, seductive allure. Sapele’s The Day EP will be released August 28th on Dirty Soul Recordings.