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May 9, 2018

Georgi Kay has been turning heads and winning hearts with her pop singles as of late. When I heard Scary People last year, I knew immediately I’d be hooked for life. The electropop she gave us on that track was dark and fierce, just the way I like it. The British-Australian artist’s latest single, Lone Wolf, carries much of the same resilience and fortitude, accompanied by atmospheric synths and rumbling bass. She says of the song: “Accepting the fact that no matter how many good people you have in your life, they will never truly know and understand you as deeply and as intimately as you know and understand yourself. What’s so funny and oddly comforting about this truth, this realization, is that we have all felt this way or are feeling it right now.” Georgi Kay’s live shows are reportedly insanely incredible due to her robust vocals and live mixing/looping. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to experience it soon. 

April 11, 2018

Canadian singer songwriter Lowell was the recipient of endless well-deserved critical praise a few years ago, when she released her visionary album We Loved Her Dearly. Not long afterwards, she disappeared quietly, presumably to work on new music. Last week, Elizabeth Lowell Boland surprised us with her long awaited sophomore album Lone Wolf, out on Arts & Crafts, and she also dropped a torrid gusting, resolute marching new tune named War Face, rife with tribal drums and fierce mettle. It’s but a miniscule taste of what she has to offer on her new ten-track collection of deeply personal songs that reflect on the power and influence of youth. Lowell has always struck us as a confident pop trailblazer, and now we get to enjoy the continuation of that genius. Steadfast howling Lone Wolf is available, here.

June 2, 2017

I’ve always been drawn to wolves. They seem like such beautiful and noble creatures. I find myself gravitating to this magnificent single Lone Wolf, too. It comes from a new alt pop songstress from New York named Evee. Windswept blustering, moonlit enchanting Lone Wolf is an ethereal affecting introduction to the classically trained opera singer, model, and actress. Evee recently released a music video for the tribal clattering, woodsy orchestral ballad, which you can view below. Lone Wolf, which is available on iTunes, here, is a taste of a forthcoming project from Evee.