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January 31, 2018

Swedish project Lines (IIIII), aside having one of the more enigmatic names in the business, have been making a huge impression on the scene with their dazzling electronica, which have spawned some astonishing remixes by other producers like Opvs and Spirix, too. You could say they have their sleek swaggering, synth cinematic sound “locked down” pat. Case in point, Lines’ magnificent new tune, Lockdown. The bold and brazen track defies the boundaries of genre classification with its glacial vocals, quixotic synths, and acute beats. Electro, alt pop, and synthpop intermingle on the vivid and defiant track, an ode to obsession and isolation whose vocals remind me of Sweden’s Sailor & I, but surrounded by an ever shifting, always twitching electronic environment. Lines’ prior releases and some of those aforementioned remixes can be streamed via Soundcloud, here.