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April 30, 2018

It’s been almost a year since we last heard from San Francisco’s own Cathedrals, and over three years since they released their acclaimed debut EP Blush on Neon Gold Records. Just as we were starting to wonder whether we’d ever hear from our hometown favorites again (and ready to bawl our eyes out at their absence), the synth and alt pop duo are back with pure sonic gold on new single Hits Me Like a Landslide. Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin even kick the level of their brilliance up several more notches with the exceptional tune. Hits Me Like a Landslide, the first single from a new set of songs they’re finally ready to share with us throughout the rest of this year, features lines lifted from the pages of love letters. It’s also the first single to feature Johnny on lead singles since Cathedrals’ debut single Unbound. Hits Me Like a Landslide is a tidal wave of emotions, a passionately gusting, sonorously soaring synthpop epic that seems to meld CHVRCHES’ electropop with The Naked And Famous’ lush soundscapes and Twin Shadow’s voluminous grandeur. It’s a gloriously gut-punching torrent of tormented anguish, assembled ever so flawlessly with sleek retro synths and the duo’s resounding vocals. DoTheBay premiered the new single last Friday, calling it ‘among the band’s most evocative cuts yet.’ We fully concur with the assessment. Alternate streaming and download links can be found, here. To say we’re head over heels for Cathedrals once again, is an understatement. The same can be said about how excited we are to hear the rest of their new songs. 

April 12, 2018

Better late than never, right? Especially when it comes to this sultry simmering treat from Daisy Gray, which we must have missed out on because we were running our legs off in Austin at SXSW. What’s even more astonishing about previously missing out on this rising sensation is the fact that she hails from right here in San Francisco! The budding singer songwriter graces us with her torrid burning, passionately seductive voice, a truly powerful force to be reckoned with, on debut single Saviour, whose video has already racked up over a quarter million streams since late March. In a locale where a ton of indie rock and electronica is flourishing, Daisy Grey’s just the talented pop addition we need to add to our diverse music-scape, a savior indeed. We can’t wait for her to be the star she’s obviously ready to be. Download/stream Saviour, here. Listen to her smoky sensual cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game below and continue marveling over Daisy Gray’s voice.

April 3, 2018

We’re elated that some of our music friends have brought SUMif’s energetic and enrapturing live show to NYC recently. It’s about time the East Coast had a taste of how scintillating the singer songwriter and producer’s buoyant bouncing electro-pop always is live. And now that Steph Wells has come back home to San Francisco, the local scene is in for another SUMif treat this Saturday when she opens for Young Galaxy at Popscene, where she’s become a welcome regular treat of sorts. Every SUMif set inspires a euphoric dance party, and every SUMif song has never failed us when it comes to wildly infectious, wonderfully hooking pop, too. Case in point, brand new single Say, a crisply aerated electro-pop ballad topped with Steph’s always disarming and effortless vocals. SUMif addresses the tumultuous emotions involved in desire and longing, or the universal battle between head and the heart, on her synth fluid gem. You can also stream Say via Spotify, here. San Francisco, get out to and have an epic Saturday night at Popscene with SUMif and Young Galaxy, show info available, here.

March 13, 2018

San Francisco’s own HIGHSOCIETY reaches new heights of electronic splendor on the producer’s new single, Fireproof, featuring Beta State’s Matty McDonald on heated vocals. He expertly melds stadium crushing future bass, metallurgic dubstep, and blazing trap on the adrenaline pumping track. Fireproof is a cinematic jarring, grandly jolting tour de force. Just remember, you aren’t actually fireproof, so while HIGHSOCIETY is setting us all on fire and smelting us to the core with his wildly impassioned electronic opus, please don’t actually set yourself on fire in the midst of the delirious ecstasy that has taken hold of you. Fireproof is so explosive, it almost needs a disclaimer. But then again, the same could be said about every other HIGHSOCIETY track we’ve shared. Combust, at your own risk. Download/stream Fireproof, here.

March 1, 2018

It’s been a treat watching queer San Francisco based artist and producer SUMif ascend the electro-pop ranks with her music this past year. Steph Wells, the musician behind the magic, first caught our ears with wildly infectious Lay Down, a song that still pops into our heads at the most random of moments (and we sure do cherish it when that happens). We’ve also had the pleasure of catching her energetic and charismatic sets live countless times at Popscene in San Francisco. It was just this week that I caught wind from industry friends that Steph will be bringing SUMif to her very first show in New York soon, and we’re excited for all the new fans she’s going to reel in when she does. SUMif returns today with new single Love Shop, a vivacious glimmering, saccharine pulsing electropop song and another instantaneously hooking, snappy contagious addition to her growing compendium of earworms. SUMif told C-Heads Magazine about the song: 

“The crazy passion and intensity in the beginning of a relationship can drive anyone mad and I’m certainly not immune to that. There’s no fiercer feeling than the possibility of a love story unfolding, besides of course, the feeling of interest fading and that story ending. Love Shop is about getting wrapped up in the women who have come into my life and losing myself completely into something that wasn’t even real. It’s this realization that ultimately sets me free – that I deserve more than an illusion of love.” We’re more than ready to hop and dance to this jaunty and peppy new SUMif jam, which is a free download, here.

February 9, 2018

It was not so long ago that we stumbled upon an intriguing new band who call our favorite town of Berkeley home.The moment we heard vverevvolf’s insanely infectious debut, Cruel Games, we were hooked. And we were fortunate enough to get to see them perform their music live at Popscene at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco soon afterwards, too. They dazzled us with their vigorous energy and a bevy of high voltage alt pop and synthpop anthems. Fast forward to this week, and the band is teasing the arrival of a debut EP as well as thrilling us with their latest single, Lemonade, which comes with a music video shot on that momentous evening at Popscene. I’m brought right back to that fateful night by the prismatic video, amazing stage lighting and twirl worthy verve included. Lemonade is an uplifting and mellifluous electro-pop treat. Its pulsating synths and punchy rhythm evoke CHVRCHES, but vverevvolf isn’t purely an electronic pop band. They also emit much synthrock spunk and zest, which at times, reminds us of PVRIS, too. vverevvolf’s first EP Electric Blue arrives tomorrow, February 9th, and they’ll be playing their next show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day. Bring your beau, bring your bae, bring your best friend, or just bring yourself (solo show outings are great!), and prepare to dance yourself silly to this charismatic new band’s animated stage presence and vibrant music. You can pre-order Electric Blue via Bandcamp, here.

February 8, 2018

A sudden burst of summery heat this week in San Francisco seems to give us the perfect winter opportunity to head out for a nice Bay sail in our best boating threads and some cool fedoras. Except, I don’t have a sail boat, and I’ll have to ask someone to take me sailing instead. Oakland’s Same Girls seem to be on the same wavelength as me as they coo “take me sailing” on their new single, a yacht rock meets chill disco ray of lazy afternoon sunshine. Sailing’s wonky intoxicating, hazy twirling groove is reminiscent of Homeshake’s bedroom pop paired with a touch of Trails and Ways’ breezy indie pop, all laid out on languorous shimmering waves. You can check out more of this intriguing Oakland band’s music on Soundcloud, here.

February 2, 2018

Oakland native Arieh Berl continues to garner growing success with his solo project Pink Skies since his debut ‘Start. End’ half a year ago. In fact, attention has been so swift that some congratulations are in order. The multi-faceted musician, who’s also a member of local indie band Fever Charm, has signed his first record deal with HW&W Recordings, and he’s gearing up to drop Pink Skies’ first EP on the label later this year. Tonight, we groove out to the first single off the EP, an infectiously pumping psychedelic dance and electro-rock song named Reflections. Though we’re still much infatuated with Pink Skies’ prior singles and even his cover of 6LACK’s Gettin’ Old, there’s no doubt that Reflection is his best song to date. It prances and sashays with satin chic aplomb, like Electric Guest meets Broken Bells with extra pizzazz and spring. You’ll be hard pressed not to swing your hips and wag your head to the gallant rhythm of this flashy glittering, wavy rolling tune. Keep up with Pink Skies’ releases on Soundcloud, here, while we await further news regarding his self-titled debut EP.

January 27, 2018

Oakland’s very own indie sensation Jay Som, aka Melina Duterte, released her new 7″ Pirouette today. We shared the A-side last week and regaled in her scuzzy curling guitars and dreamy lilting voice on the indie rock gem (re-visit the feature, here). With the release of the single, we now get to partake in its B-side, too. “O.K., Meet Me Underwater” is surprisingly more dreamy and languorous. It’s a hazy and gauzy tune from the singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The B-side’s diaphanous rock is more like a cross between Yumi Zouma and Wolf Alice than Jay Som’s more raw and ragged gems. Order Jay Som’s new 7″, here. Stream/download, here.

January 24, 2018

We love it when local talent shines, and Oakland’s own There’s Talk is absolutely dazzling on their long awaited return, Give It Up. The moody droning, shadowy brooding song blends dream pop, shoegaze, synthwave, and slowcore altogether. These are all sub-genres we adore dearly, so you can imagine how hard we fell for There’s Talk’s intoxicating new single. Give It Up rolls, pitches, and yaws at a languid yet deliberate pace, like a vast undulating ocean on a peaceful moonlit night. It’s dark and bottomless, a meditatively gripping seance. To say There’s Talk has put us in an exquisitely introspective mood is an understatement. Give It Up is lifted from There’s Talks forthcoming EP, scheduled to arrive late next month. You can pre-order on limited edition 7″ via Bandcamp, here.