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August 22, 2017

Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer continues his momentum as solo project Jaws Of Love. as he reveals a third track from his debut album Tasha Sits Close To The Piano, arriving September 22nd via House Arrest. We’ve already melted to that signature voice and his sensitive and contemplative music twice before by way of his prior two singles. Now, we sway to the tender keys and introspective beauty of new indietronica and dream pop piece, Hawaiian License Plates. The diaphanous billowing, weightless gusting piano ballad comes accompanied by the announcement of additional West Coast tour dates, starting with an album release show in Ayer’s hometown of Los Angeles with COMBAT! as support. Pre-order Tasha Sits Close To The Piano, here. Jaws Of Love.’s tour will take him to San Francisco at the Cafe du Nord on November 9th.

July 21, 2017

I harbor an undying love for Local Natives, so it might make sense that I’m drawn to this new project, Jaws Of Love. There’s a floatiness to its gentle melancholia and tender keys that remind me of Local Natives, plus it comes from Kelcey Ayer, who’s been a vocalist and songwriter in the band for a very long time. As Jaws Of Love, he makes his moving debut with a self titled single that leaves us hovering high up in the night sky, mired in deep contemplation. Jaws Of Love is our first taste from Kelcey’s debut album Tasha Sits Close To The Piano. The album arrives on September 22nd via House Arrest, and you can already pre-order it, here.

June 1, 2017

I can’t imagine it being an easy to task to take on one of Local Natives’ songs for a remix, much less a beloved track like Ceilings from their excellent 2013 album Hummingbird. Yet this producer who goes by the name of Heritage has turned in a pristine edit of that song. He’s managed to transform the dreamy ambling, pensive dawdling original into a brisk rattling, frisky clattering future trap gem with bits of Whethan and Louis The Child funneling through its swervy temperament and coltish constitution. You can download Heritage’s remix, here.

May 20, 2017

It’s a wild new music Friday, with fabulous new gems dropping left and right from veteran bands we love and emerging artists we adore. The Only Heirs comes from that first camp. It’s the latest from long time fave, Local Natives, and a welcome surprise treat availalble as a limited edition 7″ available from the band’s store, here. We’re drenched in more of the Silver Lake veterans’ dreamy glimmering indie rock as they team up with Nico Segal, also known as Donnie Trumpet, on the song. Local Natives is in the midst of touring for their recent album Sunlit Youth. Find more details about the tour from their website, here.

March 24, 2017

It seems plenty of our favorite bands have been experimenting with new sounds lately, which I welcome with wide open arms as I delight in the evolution of bands over time. Stagnancy, as much as we love their old music, is no good. Local Natives urge their fans to close their eyes as we take in their new single, I Saw You Close Your Eyes, which sports a vibrating bass kick that gives their song a fresh new groove that seems to go hand in hand with the fact that their song

Dark Days was just remixed by SOFI TUKKER not that long ago. It’s definitely a headier version of Local Natives though its meandering drawl is inherently and unmistakably them, too. Head to to check out Local Natives’ facial recognition site that plays the song when it identifies closed eyes facing your computer’s camera. Or you can just close your eyes (preferably after hitting the play button above) and listen here. It hasn’t been that long yet since Local Natives’ last excellent album, Sunlit Youth, so this is an unexpected treat indeed. 

February 11, 2017

Grammy nominated alt dance duo SOFI TUKKER took the world by storm this year. While I eagerly wait to see who takes home the dance album trophy on Sunday night (San Francisco’s own Tycho is in the running too!) I’m hoping to make it to SOFI TUKKER’s long sold out show at the Independent in San Francisco tonight. The buzz surrounding the show is just mind blowing, and having caught Sophie and Tucker plenty of times before both in San Francisco and Austin, I predict their performance to more than live up to the hype. San Francisco, prepare for a dance party, a mighty fine one, at that. In the meantime, rev yourselves up with this unexpected but oh so sumptuous remix of Local Natives’ Dark Days by the LA based pair. They give the song a bounteous injection of vigorous bouncing Latin spice. I can bet on it you’ve never heard, or danced to, Local Natives quite this way. Alternatively, you can stream the edit on Soundcloud below. 

December 18, 2016

I was one of the few lucky ones that attended an intimate, sold out Local Natives show at Popscene when they first revealed new music from their 2016 album Sunlit Youth, and as energetic and vivacious that glorious set was, I never imagined the sort of dance remixes that would emerge from the exemplary gems from the record. Come March 2017, the Silver Lake quintet will be heading back out on tour across the East Coast and Midwest in support of the album. To celebrate the news, they’ve unleashed a disco luscious, wispy ambrosial remix of Dark Days by nu-disco maestros Classixx. The duo turns the song into a foggy luxuriant, dreamy swirling floater more “phosphorescent” than “dark”. 

July 12, 2016

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July 8, 2016

Though it’s going to be hard to compete with my love of Local Natives’ 2013 album Hummingbird, I have to admit that my excitement grows manifold for new album Sunlit Youth with each song they’ve revealed from the record. I also had the pleasure of seeing the band at Popscene in San Francisco back in April, and that riveting showcase of songs both old and new also leaves me eagerly awaiting their new full length. Today, the Silver Lake five piece presents us with Fountain Of Youth, possibly my favorite cut off the album so far. Fountain Of Youth is meditative and lush, palatial and anthemic. Unlike prior tracks we’ve heard from Sunlit Youth, Fountain Of Youth is calmer, a beautifully sweeping rhapsody. It’s an absolutely gorgeous indie rock gem. Sunlit Youth can be pre-ordered from iTunes prior to its September 9 release date.

June 8, 2016

In late April, I was lucky enough to catch Local Natives’ secret show in San Francisco, their first in quite some time. A magical night unfurled at Popscene’s 21st anniversary celebration. The beloved indie darlings played us a bevy of magnificent new tunes alongside their classics, and they promptly unleashed a new single the next day, followed by the announcement of a new album. The latest cut the Silver Lake band has revealed off of their forthcoming full length Sunlit Youth is a tune named Villainy, which comes accompanied by a visualizer you can view below. It was much apparent from our cozy night with Local Natives at Popscene that much of their new material is more luscious rich and spirited energetic than the prior songs we’ve come to love so dearly. You can certainly detect some of this on gorgeous sprawling Villainy, which glides sleekly, swelling with such spectacular harmonies. Local Natives’ upcoming album Sunlit Youth will be out on September 9th. I can’t wait, and I’ve already pre-ordered the album, months ahead of release date. You can pre-order, too, from their website, here.