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May 22, 2018

Lo and behold, we fall under the spell of Lo and her sugary sweet bop Drumline, only the Nashville based producer and singer songwriter’s second song. Its effervescent glittering bubblegum pop is rosy and light, with a hint of K-pop. 

“‘Drumline’ represents celebrating love and letting yourself feel the joy of that magic when it finally happens,” Lo explains. “I usually only show the bright side of myself to the world, but before writing this, I was feeling extremely broken and tired in a variety of ways. I was honestly questioning the innate goodness of the world and people in general. Going from the depths of depression and being launched into joy, at least in those moments of love, was remarkable and powerful for my spirit. It reminded me of the pure magic that exists in people and gave me faith in the universe again… and damn it, I wanted to make a song people could celebrate that to! This single is about acknowledging magic and joy when you find it, and choosing to feel that fully and not take it for granted. We often skip over happiness in life, forgetting what we went through to find it, and don’t fully immerse ourselves in it, but we should!" 

It’s no surprise that Drumline rose in the ranks of Hype Machine’s viral Twitter Chart to number one straightaway. Drumline follows on Lo’s sassy debut track, Good Good, which made waves late last year and landed on many revered playlists on Apple and Spotify. You can stream the single below. Drumline is available from iTunes, here.

December 23, 2017

I can feel goosebumps rising and chills rippling through me as this lo-fi soul and R&B artist BABBY rips my heart out of my chest with his enigmatic new single, Mother. The slow burning, deliberately paced ballad combines gospel, soul, R&B, electronica, and even indie rock, interweaving these fine threads into a starkly haunting, cavernous echoing hymnal. The 23 year old artist traveled around the state of Maryland from the young age of five to perform at various churches under the care of his single mother. BABBY’s name is inspired by both the fallen city of Babylon and jazz drummer Baby Dodds. 

James Baldwin, Nina Simone, and Toni Morrison are on Babby’s list of musical inspirations and traces of their influence shine through on magnificent “Mother”. You can find a demo and one other track from this mysteriously captivating talent on Soundcloud, here.

September 13, 2017

Golden voiced chanteuse NOVAA reunites with fellow German artist and producer LO on Go There. It’s a lavish and resplendent aria and their latest taste from a forthcoming collaborative album named LIGHTS. The concentrated dose of flushed and ethereal future pop is like a full bodied injection of early Odesza, with a bit of early Flume, too. You can stream prior singles from LIGHTS on Soundcloud, here. Go There is available from major outlets, here.

July 14, 2017

It’s a thoroughly enchanting German affair as singer songwriter NOVAA partners up with emerging bedroom producer LO on a celestial electronic pop and future beats ballad named Lights. It’s dreamy effervescent with frisky synths and playful beats that pitter patter like a light falling of rain. If early Odesza and Mura Masa joined forces to create a new tune, it might sound something like playfully melancholic Lights. The song captures the restlessness of love and obsession to the tee, and it comes with an enthralling music video you can watch below. Lights is available from major retailers, here.