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May 30, 2018

Aside from my first year of existence (which was spent in Portland), I’ve lived in California all my life. It’s a very beautiful state, with all sorts of climates and landscapes.

Montréal musician Aaron Powell, who releases music under the name Fog Lake, certainly captures certain shades of California on his song of the same name. The pastoral California he paints on his folksy indie track is haunted by heartache and nostalgia. California is beautifully sad, a heartrending reminder of intimate trips past golden dunes, across verdant mountains, to pristine lakes. Remember that morning you were the first to wake, and you sat there on a boulder, watching and waiting for the brilliant sun to rise above above the lake? A mist hung over the water’s surface and you wished the moment could last forever, because what seemed so perfect the night before, that clasping of hands, that tender caress, can only lead to heartbreaking despair. Fog Lake’s pastoral charm and bittersweet vocals are reminiscent of early Blind Pilot, enveloped in lush keys and an earnest, early Youth Lagoon bedroom pop aura. California is lifted from Fog Lake’s next full length, Captain, out July 5th via Stack Your Roster.

May 24, 2017

We’re kicking off this new set of shares with something beautiful yet hushed. Crazy, Stoned, & Gone is the latest song from Los Angeles based lo-fi folk singer songwriter Angelo De Augustine. The pensively soothing lullaby comes with a lovely animated music video, directed by illustrious musician Sufjan Stevens. Crazy, Stoned, & Gone is an understated treat for both the eyes and ears. The song is lifted off of Angelo De Augustine’s new album Swim Inside The Moon, arriving on August 25th via Asthmatic Kitty. Pre-order, here.

December 22, 2016

And now we dive into our first Christmas cover of this holiday set, and what an extraordinary one it is, too! Young Billie Marten has been impressing us with her beautiful voice and mature sound this past year, and she lends that magnificence to White Christmas, turning the classic into a gently flickering, tender melting folk rock meets bedroom pop drifter. It’s not only a haunting effect, but it also stirs the aching caverns of the heart. Dreaming of a white Christmas has never felt more spectral blue and wispy sentimental. 

June 7, 2016

Out In The Dark moves with stark honesty, an earthy beauty from Melbourne’s Alexander Biggs. Its lo-fi dream folk ambiance and pastoral earnestness seem to combine Blind Pilot, stripped down Death Cab With Cutie, and early Youth Lagoon (the Trevor Powers of first album The Year Of Hibernation, to be exact). The heart rending song was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Alexander Biggs’ bedroom, and it’s the second single from his debut EP, due for release later this year. Watch the video for tender Out In The Dark below. Its glowing lantern is a fine representation of the song, whose soft glow is a beacon of light, or a shooting star, in the darkness of this muddled world. 

December 2, 2015

I first encountered New Zealand’s Lontalius a month ago, when he sent shivers up my spine with All I Wanna Say, a mellow electronic song full of introspective, heartrending beauty. Now, he has me enveloped in atmospheric dream folk bliss with new single Kick In The Head. Kick In The Head is a languorous glider, and it ventures into organic, lo-fi, almost shoegazey territory, something I didn’t originally expect when I hit play. In fact, Kick In The Head borders on orchestral folk with its lush strings and verdant ambiance. The 18 year old music genius will be releasing a debut album in 2016 on Partisan Records, and I’ll be waiting for it eagerly.

June 2, 2015

Apparently, I missed out on a stunning release last year by a lo-fi folk singer songwriter named Angelo De Augustine. After melting away to the Los Angeles based artist’s sorrowful new song If I Could Fly, I’m quite convinced I’m going to have to find time to listen to his debut album Spirals Of Silence. If I Could Fly is a gentle, melancholic ballad with the stripped down fragility of Sufjen Stevens’ more hushed offerings. It’s an exquisitely feathery song, brimming with purity and vulnerability. If I Could Fly will be on Angelo De Augustine’s new EP, How Past Begins, out June 9th.