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March 21, 2018

Constine’s debut single is a straight shot for my heart. It’s dark. It’s bewitching. It’s glacial. It’s magical and magnificent. The Swedish singer songwriter, musician, and producer prides herself in having full control of her art, and refuses to follow trends or orders from men. She makes a resolute stand with her first single, a melodramatic effusion of visceral dance beats and glassy chiming electronic pop named DIE. Constine, aka Hanna Lindgren, tells us: “The song is about the feeling of being on the verge… It’s about when you’ve lost yourself, in someone or something. Both those feelings can be completely magical but also so damn unpleasant.”  There’s nothing unpleasant to be found in losing yourself in this splendid song, which comes accompanied by a thoroughly captivating acoustic live video, too, featuring mournful cello strings and haunting drums.  Watch the video below. You can also stream DIE via Spotify, here.

February 20, 2018

You might recall the many times we’ve shared Alex Vargas’ music in the past. Every time was as enthralling as the other, captioned by the sheer power of his passionately stirring, intensely rousing fusion of soul and electronica, which some have come to coin “electronic noise-soul”. But we’ve never heard Alex Vargas in quite this way, as immensely captivating as he is in this live session for new song, Slowly. The Danish singer songwriter’s immaculate voice near breaks under the weight of the tormented emotions it encapsulates. Slowly was written just a few weeks ago, live on a Danish radio show named Sangskriver/Songwriter, by the request of a young fan who had his heart brutally broken by who he thought was the love of his life. It’s incredible that Alex Vargas can write such a poignant and heartfelt ballad on the fly, much less deliver it with such sincere sentiment and impassioned verve. It’s a gripping acoustic tease of what’s to come this year from Alex Vargas, who will also be headlining Roskilde Festival later this year. Vargas’ 2017 album Cohere is available from iTunes, here.

February 5, 2018

[PREMIERE] La Bouquet – Loveless (Sunshine Sessions)

Leonardo Da Vinci once famously said, “a life without love, is no life at all.”  Even if some of our hearts have tucked themselves away to avoid getting crushed for the umpteenth time, we can live vicariously through the stripped back beauty and intimate charm of this finely rendered new acoustic video from La Bouquet. We join Bryan Sammis (The Neighbourhood, Olivver the Kid) and Jake Lopez as they melt us to no end with their poignantly heartfelt rendition of Loveless. La Bouquet made a huge imprint on the new music scene over a year ago with the debut single, a sleek stirring, infectious driving torrent of earthy alt rock and rambunctious alt pop. You can watch La Bouquet’s music video for Loveless, here.

The band’s performance of Loveless in their new “Sunshine Sessions” video is immaculate. Every strum, each twang, and even the raspy drawl of La Bouquet’s vocals on this gentle lullaby are deeply affecting, as if rising and reverberating from secret chambers within our own hearts. “Maybe I’m just hopeless enough to feel alone, but selfish enough to write this song,” they coo. Ah, but that’s there they get it wrong. It’s selfless of them to gift us such an earnestly moving ballad. It’s a heart-on-the-sleeve confessional, a piercingly sad and strikingly sincere meditation that feels particularly vulnerable and exposed on their cozy and pastoral new arrangement. 

Loveless can be found on La Bouquet’s four track debut EP, Heavy Sunshine, which is available from iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, and Spotify. Keep up with La Bouquet via FacebookTwitterInstagram, or their website, here.

January 11, 2018

It’s incredible how versatile and talented young actors and actresses are these days, particularly ones from hit Netflix shows. Aside from almost every major cast member involved in Stranger Things, Dylan Minette, the dreamy actor who plays Clay in 13 Reasons Why, is also a flourishing musician with his own band. In case you missed out on our previous feature on Wallows, let me fill you in on this three piece from Los Angeles. Their dusty crunching, guitar embroiled music is top level stuff, and Dylan’s voice is fantastic. He reminds me of Interpol and the Strokes on Pulling Leaves Off Trees, for which Wallows just released this live studio clip. It’s one of the alt rock band’s latest singles and a rollicking good time. Download and stream the knotted rocker, here. For another fine recent single from Wallows, jam out to Uncomfortable below, too. You can stream Pulling Leaves Off Trees off Soundcloud, here. Perhaps Wallows can soundtrack season 2 of 13 Reasons Why themselves. The band kicks off their North American tour on January 24th right here in San Francisco with a show at the Great American Music Hall.

December 20, 2017

Parisian duo Royaume released a live video performance for Vevo dscvr of their latest single If We today, a very serendipitous arrival considering the fact that we’ve egregiously let the outstanding single slip us by up till now. You can view the striking live video below, but make sure you take in the percussive clattering alt pop meets edgy electro pop of the original via its music video above. If We is an inspiring and empowering anthem, with bold punching hooks. Speaking about the important themes present in their work, Yumi of Royaume explains: “it’s important to build a strong self-confidence, especially for women. A strong voice that speaks to your values can ensure awareness and manifest change. Intersectionality, diversity and inclusivity are the future.” If there’s any time such a song might be topical, it’s now, considering everything that’s been going on in the world regarding the #MeToo movement and all. 

December 5, 2017

JATA, the solo project helmed by Berlin based singer songwiter and producer Jacob Vetter, has a knack for seducing our hearts with his sleek curling, smooth ravishing brand of retro-futuristic electronic R&B. He recently released a beats lavish, synth entwining single named Mephisto, for which he’s also released an intimately riveting live video which you can view below. Mephisto is lifted from JATA’s debut album Mexico, which can be streamed/purchased, here.

November 29, 2017

Exquisite. That sums up this new acoustic video to the utmost, and it’s placed Welsh pop duo Dusky Grey smack in the center of our radar, too. Turns out, we’ve been missing out on some deeply affecting pop. Told Me is the duo’s debut single, and it’s already made quite a mark in the scene with millions and millions of streams over the past year. Gethin Williams and Catrin Hopkins offer up a stripped down rendition of the debut in their new video, and we watch, transfixed, as the pair belts out the acoustic piano ballad with much immaculate perfection and emotive force. Stream the original below and revel in its crunchy strolling cadence and laid back yet wistful charm. You can also stream/download the acoustic version of Told Me, here.

October 27, 2017

An utterly engrossing official live music video for The Kite String Tangle’s recent single This Thing We Got offers up the perfect chance to partake in the song’s lush pumping, brassy smooth intoxication. This Thing We Got comes off of Danny Harley’s recently released self-titled debut album. The Australian ARIA award nominee offers up cruising California vibes and sun kissed electro-funk feels on the song, which he said was motivated by the butterflies-in-your-stomach honeymoon period when you’re dating someone new. This Thing We Got is available from iTunes, here.

September 14, 2017

This one’s been making the rounds this morning with a whole lot of rapturous praise, and for plenty good reason, too. Ever brilliant R&B crooner Gallant has released episode 6 of his In The Room series. The guest for this one is pop sensation Dua Lipa, and since it’s what would’ve been the late great Amy Winehouse’s 34th birthday, they’ve covered Tears Dry On Their Own. Happy birthday, Amy. The world obviously misses you very, very much. 

July 15, 2017

22 year old Canadian singer songwriter and musician Billy Raffoul broke out of the gates strong when he made his debut earlier this year with Driver. He showcased why he’s already signed to Interscope Records with his rough-hewn sound on the soulful rock song that left people comparing him to the likes of Joe Cocker, Neil Young, and Jeff Buckley. The musician has followed that first single up with a tender melting second song named Dark Four Door. It’s an intimate and gentle acoustic strummer brimming with aching emotion. Shining brighter than ever is Billy Raffoul’s weathered yet sonorous vocals. Dark Four Door is available for streaming and digital download via participating digital retailers, here. Billy Raffoul will be heading out on tour with Mondo Cozmo later this summer. You can watch an acoustic performance of Dark Four Door directed by Frank Ockenfels below.