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December 12, 2017

It’s been an immensely long time since we’ve heard from Little Wolves, the Los Angeles based project lead by Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr. for whom we’ve had the pleasure of premiering sensational tracks in the past. We’ve been wondering where they’ve gone over the past few months, and we’re over the moon that Little Wolves has returned with their first single in over a year. ‘Break Free’ with their new synth pumping, slick pulsing song, a resolute driving synthrock meets alt pop anthem about going for your heart’s desires and reaching for your dreams. In case you’ve forgotten how good their previous offerings are, you can visit their Soundcloud, here.

May 3, 2016

King Shelter, a band who describes their own verdant indie rock as “salad rock”, has had their hooking cruncher of a tune Holy Ghost remixed by fellow Southern California outfit Little Wolves. It just so happens I’ve been wondering what Little Wolves, a duo made up of long time collaborators Samuel Jacob and Ronnie Watson, have been up to lately. They break several months of silence with this indie electronic remix pf King Shelter’s Holy Ghost. Little Wolves applies on a coat of glossy sleek veneer. While the original is more jagged and rowdy, Little Wolves’ Holy Ghost haunts with its blusterous and solemn approach. This Holy Ghost is pensive and moody, yet beautiful and ethereal. Its vocals dance about metaphysically,  darting to and fro like the very ghost the song beseeches. Head to Soundcloud for a free download of the remix. The original is off of King Shelter’s debut EP, Failure.

January 6, 2016

In 2015, IHM had the great pleasure of premiering several fantastic tracks from a Los Angeles based band named Little Wolves, including a riveting blend of synthpop, indie rock, and alt pop named Alone. On the track, Little Wolves delivers a captivating contrast of bittersweet emotion and breezy, upbeat mirth. The song was but one of several Little Wolves songs, all produced by RAC’s Andre Anjos, that mesmerized me immensely. With the new year, Little Wolves has many great surprises planned for us. While we wait excitedly for their next great song and more collaborative affairs, we get to wax nostalgic to the beauty of a live acoustic version of Alone. Sway to its tender guitar strums and float away to its heavenly vocals as we look forward to a very exciting 2016 for Little Wolves. Don’t forget to hold up a lighter and turn down the lights.

September 17, 2015

Several weeks ago, IHM had the pleasure of premiering Little Wolves’ Alone, one of several bittersweet but upbeat and wildly infectious songs produced by RAC from the blooming Los Angeles band. Alone gets a splendorous indie electronic remix, courtesy of Don Patrick from LA synthpop band DWNTWN. Don Patrick gives Alone a wonderfully lush and buoyant makeover that reminds me of some of Diplo or Major Lazer’s summery jams. The remix’s energy is irresistibly contagious as is its bright, glowing warmth. Stripped of the original’s melancholic undercurrents, this new version of Alone radiates a dreamier, optimistic aura. Hit up Little Wolves’ Soundcloud to hear the original.

August 25, 2015


It’s with great pleasure that IHM gets to premiere another fabulous Little Wolves song. The Los Angeles based band, formed by long time collaborators Samuel Jacob and Ronnie Watson, have been teaming up with RAC on some wonderfully catchy indie pop gems this summer, each one as endearing and resounding as the last. Latest song Alone is another fine composite of Little Wolves’ synth pop, indie rock, and alt pop . Dripping in bittersweet emotion and steeped in lovelorn sentiment despite its lightly skipping step and lusciously breezy synths, Alone explores the pangs of heartbreak and a fear of solitude. Like Little Wolves’ other absorbing songs, Alone ambles and skates through the air with a seeming nonchalance, but underneath that sparkling ease is much angst and rue. Once again, RAC, or Andre Anjos, executive produces Alone, and his limber indie dance pop trademark is unmistakable on the song. Alone was also mixed by Andrew Maury, as well as engineered by Karl Kling. Re-visit Little Wolves’ other songs and some terrific remixes on their Soundcloud.

July 28, 2015


I’m utterly in love with Los Angeles’ Little Wolves, who reveal their third original song today, Cigarettes and Geminis. The duo is made up of Samuel Jacob and Ronnie Watson,

formerly of now retired Tapioca And The Flea (whom I was much fond of, too).  As on their prior songs, Little Wolves teams up with RAC on Cigarettes and Geminis, a glimmering, rippling blend of indie rock, synthpop, and dance pop. In fact, it’s quite the star studded affair. Andre Anjos of RAC produced the hooking gem, Karl Kling turns in engineer duties, and mixing was completed by Andrew Maury. There’s an undeniable RAC buoyancy to charming Cigarettes and Geminis, a distinctly radiant tune that stalwartly pits happy go lucky blitheness against bitter disappointment. It’s nearly impossible to start swaying your head to Cigarettes and Geminis’ plucky, rosy hue. Though it’s an endearingly spry vessel of optimism, that lighthearted demeanor heavily shrouds a deep undercurrent of aching resentment. Cigarettes and Geminis is but one of many remixes and songs Little Wolves is in the process of unveiling throughout this summer, all leading to the release of their debut EP. Be sure to visit their Soundcloud to listen to all three of the four tracks revealed off the EP so far, with the addition of two amazing remixes, too.

July 25, 2015

Los Angeles’ Little Wolves in on a roll with their music this summer. From fantastic originals produced by RAC to remixes like this one, they’re providing us a steady stream of captivating and arresting music. Their latest gift for us is a remix of their darkly upbeat electropop song Lost My Mind by Lovelife’s Jaxon Frank. Capitalizing on that darkness, Jaxon Frank takes Lost My Mind in a more simmering and moody direction with a pensively glitchy and meditatively choppy indie electronic makeover. Edgy beats and sparse atmosphere gives Little Wolves’ vocals an extra haunting effect. 

July 10, 2015


Several weeks ago, I encountered music from a duo based out of Los Angeles named Little Wolves. The band is a project by longtime collaborators and producers Samuel Jacob and Ronnie Watson, and they teamed up with the always fabulous RAC on a radiant and dashing synthpop song named Home. Today, I get to share with you an atmospheric, soothing remix of that debut single by their friend Clarence of Maudlin Strangers. That’s right, we now have a track that involves RAC, Little Wolves, AND Maudlin Strangers! Jackpot! Clarence’s remix of Home is a luscious summer treat. Mellow in a chillwavey manner, it swirls and meanders dreamily, spellbinding me into euphoric hypnosis. It’s the sort of relaxing, reverie inducing indie dance treat that makes the end of my week that much more spectacular. The chaos of the previous days are over, and the glorious weekend is ahead. There’s an aura of wist and nostalgia on this remix, despite that suffusion of bright optimism and hopeful grace. Though I really haven’t left “home”, It leaves me smiling, eager and excited for a refreshing summer weekend ahead. Little Wolves will be revealing more songs off their forthcoming debut EP in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, because this emerging duo is all set to enchant you with much more to come. In the meantime, visit their Soundcloud, here, and keep up with them on Facebook, here.

July 1, 2015

Just a couple weeks ago, I shared with you a song from a Los Angeles based duo named Little Wolves. Home is produced by dance pop extraordinaire RAC, and it was quite the lush electro pop summer anthem. Now, Little Wolves returns with the accompanying single released together digitally with Home today on Red Bull Sound Select. Lost My Mind is also produced by RAC, but this one’s a moodier, darker treat. It’s still quite the springy electronic pop song, but its far more mournful, much less summery, and a lot more psychedelic. Lost My Mind is a gloriously ornate and dynamic gem, and I’m hard pressed deciding whether Home or Lost My Mind is my favorite off Little Wolves’ two track release.

June 16, 2015

For some tropical hued rays of warm, golden sunshine, bust out some sunblock and stream this gorgeous synthpop song named Home from Los Angeles based duo Little Wolves. Lending greatly to the effect on production duty is none other than oh dear ol’ RAC, who we know we can always count on to drop indie dance beats and move us to the core. Little Wolves’ Home is like a glistening, splendorous St. Lucia or Miami Horror summer anthem, but with a dash of forests, waterfalls, and enchanted woods, rather than all balmy beaches and palm trees. In fact, the effervescence of the song even reminds me of Grimes at times, with those whimsical cascades, particularly near the end. Home is the first track off these newcomers upcoming two song digital single. The song is also released via LISTEN UP!, which is a four track Red Bull Sound Select showcase record.