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January 16, 2018

Usually, when you hear the phrase “it’s me not you”, it’s at the end of a relationship during a particularly painful moment. It hurts, like a knife digging in, or a slap to the face, fashioned as a thinly veiled alibi for wrecking your heart. But take away the “it’s” and we’re left with Me Not You, a far different experience as we’ve learned over the course of the past year. NYC’s Me Not You, the band that arose out of the ashes of indie pop darlings Little Daylight, just finished an epic sold out tour around the U.S. and Canada with Gary Numan, and they need no alibi or excuse, apology or atonement, for how they make us feel with their distinctive brand of synth effusive rock and pop. In fact, we’re riddled with joy and intoxication over their new single, Everafter, the lead off song from their upcoming EP Reckoning 2, dropping on February 23rd. It’s a spacey atmospheric, sleek whirring suspension, reminiscent of Metric and Haerts. If every “me not you” we heard after a failed relationship was as sublime as Me Not You’s music, I’d aim for heartbreak rather than happily “ever after”, every time. Re-visit Me Not You’s prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

January 31, 2017

It wasn’t long ago that we came to the realization that new NYC project Me Not You is in fact a new iteration of indie pop darlings Little Daylight, an unexpected surprise considering how different they sound.  Me Not You follows up on debut single Bulletproof with a high octane pop rock anthem named Relief. 90′s grunge and wiry noise punk leaves us dizzy spiraling with our pulse rates elevated. Relief saws and whirs like Garbage gone Wolf Alice. It’s a restless exhilarating ride from start to finish and a cathartic release of that pent up stress knotting up our stomachs.

December 22, 2016

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December 21, 2016

All the sad end of year break up news aside, there’s one startling huge band announcement of sorts that will surely be met with wonder and awe. Just two weeks ago, my colleague Nick shared with you a magnificent debut named Bulletproof from a band named Me Not You. This week, we learned that Me Not You is a new iteration of what we once knew and loved as Little Daylight. That’s right, this is a paradigm shift alert! With the unveiling of the big surprise comes a lavishly layered, rich quivering remix of Bulletproof by St. Louis’ Dylan Brady. The trip hop traipsing rendition of the single is being compared by many to Sneaker Pimps. I also detect some Zero 7 and Massive Attack in the bold clattering, squishy wonking cut. It’s obvious Little Daylight is heading in a brand new direction as Me Not You, and we’re more than excited to embrace their thrilling new vision. In the meantime, we’ll be lost in the grand hallways of Dylan Brady’s majestic remix. Re-visit the original debut below, a bold slashing alt treat that enthralls with a sliver of Phantogram and a dusting of Sleigh Bells. 

July 23, 2015

With loud aplomb and confident zing comes this eye opening remix of Little Daylight hit Mona Lisa by North Carolina’s Boy Rebel. The producer said he fell in love with the original (which is insanely infectious indeed) and reached out to be able to remix the track. Suffused with endless bounding spirit and bouncing with a vibrant chill trap panache, Boy Rebel’s Little Daylight is simply irresistible, a burst of vivid color and picturesque luster.

April 29, 2015

It was quite the nice surprise when I found out that the latest Little Daylight remix to come to light is a dance remix by Brooklyn duo Chordashian. They transform their fellow NY pop act’s song Runaround into a spectacularly lustrous and cool indie electronic jam with an exhilarating, pulsing beat. My feet have a life of their own under my desk right now as the jagged edges of the tune crest and rush through my veins, sweetened by Little Daylight’s enchanting vocals. Is it possible to get a sugary bass high off a song?

January 24, 2015

Some Little Daylight music is always welcome in my books, and though the Brooklyn pop act hasn’t offered up a new track for our eager ears, they’ve unleashed a spectacular remix of their song Be Long. Australian duo Twice As Nice’s edit of Be Long will lull you into a state of euphoria with its smooth guitars and woozy synths. It’s a gleaming, relaxing indie dance gem.

January 6, 2015

Apparently, it’s gloomy dark covers and remixes time of day on IHM. After sharing with you that amazing Missio cover of The Cranberry’s Zombie in my prior post, I’m moving on to a fabulous cover remix of Brooklyn act Little Daylight’s Mona Lisa. Whilst the original is a driving, vivacious, and bright Tegan and Sara like indie pop treat, London based Swyny majorly slows the song down and creates a swirling downtempo synthpop treat. Epic, bold synths pair with slow entrancing beats. The new edition never hits the full on infectious hooks of the original’s chorus. Instead, it’s mired in the more melodramatic, hypnotic verses. Swyny’s remix is a gloriously brooding, glummy song, carrying a sad yearning and hurt that reminds me of the vibe (and perhaps a hint of the sound) on The Airbourne Toxic Event’s Sometime Around Midnight.

December 11, 2014

Brooklyn’s Little Daylight has had my attention ever since their synthpop anthem Overdose won me over as one of the catchiest tunes ever nearly two years ago. In recent months, they’ve been charming people with My Life, which was redone with guest vocals by The Griswolds and Young Rising Sons. Now that some of THAT buzz has died down, we return to their charming single Mona Lisa via their new video for the tune. Like My Life, Mona Lisa is a saccharine, punchy, alt pop leaning listen. The aforementioned songs are all on Little Daylight’s debut album Hello Memory.

November 26, 2014

Brooklyn synthpop act Little Daylight’s irresistibly catchy My Life, which features guest stints by the likes of Young Rising Sons and The Griswolds, gets a trap tweak thanks to a bumping remix by Toronto duo THUGLI. It’s a rhythmic, resounding listen with pumping beats and the original’s hooking pop melody.