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August 31, 2015


Bristol duo Svelte deliver melodious ambrosia on Lipstick Melts, their third single in a series of striking releases that will lead up to an album in July of 2016. The downtempo electronic pop gem flows luxuriantly with a crisp elegance, gliding smoothly but also skittering with a moody pull. Lipstick Melts glows softly with a haunting beauty, gently accompanied by a trip hop beat and some plush, jazzy opulence. Svelte’s tender, siren like vocals and the mellow, gliding ambiance of Lipstick Melts evokes London Grammar, with a sliver of Massive Attack and some The Night VI, but Svelte’s song is far more sparsely minimalist and gingerly dark. Visit Svelte’s other songs they’ve unveiled from their forthcoming album on their Soundcloud, each as gorgeous and atmospheric as the last. And look forward to the duo’s monthly releases along with me.