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April 13, 2017

Los Angeles alt pop newcomer Toyko threw us a fast one today when he changed his name to Toyko. For a brief moment, I panicked. Had I gotten his name wrong all this time? Did I spell it incorrectly in all prior features? But from the looks of it, my eyes hadn’t played any tricks on me, and this is one of those clever name changes that makes the artist stand out even more, as if he needs to after giving us songs like Ghost Pepper and Stronger Love. Toyko returns under his new moniker to spellbind us with a surreal and dreamy form of mellifluous pop on Like What I Like. The unique concoction is akin to a fusion of Bipolar Sunshine, Bleachers, and Yoke Lore. It swells and surges organically, surrounding us with its luscious pastels. In a few short months, Toyko has given us three stellar singles. I can’t wait to see, or hear, where this is all heading. Re-visit prior songs on Soundcloud, here.