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April 26, 2018

Luke Burr holds my liquefied heart in the palm of his hand with his satin smooth vocals and his dreamy simmering R&B soul on Lights On, the 22 year old singer songwriter’s steamy plush new single. The artist, who hails from Essex, has been tipped as some as the most promising new vocal talents around. It’s easy to hear why as he serenades us with his immaculate voice on the lusciously constructed love ballad, of which Burr states: ‘In a world where people are seen through filters and judged by the amount of ‘likes’ they get, Lights On is about giving someone the confidence to be completely themselves. I’m saying “you are most beautiful to me when you’re 100% real”.’ He not only sets the mood with his seductive and provocative single, but he inspires us to be more confident to be ourselves, too. A dashing sonic suitor and a true gentleman, wow! Stream a few of Luke Burr’s prior tracks on Soundcloud, here.

September 19, 2015

Big Grams, the collaborative project formed by Big Boi and Phantogram, has shared another track off the EP they’ll be releasing September 25th. While the first magnificent track we heard from Big Grams was a swaggerying, choppy, hip hop heavy delight named Fell In The Sun, new reveal Lights On is much sleeker, going in a direction that isn’t quite Phantogram, not quite Big Boi till the rap verse kicks in three quarters of the way through. Lights On is an electronic pop song with more honey, more pep, and much more rounded synths. At times, it even reminds me of K.Flay’s music, but crisper. And, yes, it’s wonderfully catchy. Pre-order Big Grams’ self titled EP on iTunes. 

June 12, 2015

Last month, a Welsh electronic trio named XY&O whisked me away on a thrilling journey with their debut single Low Tide. Now, they’ve returned to take me to new disco heights with an 80′s synth meets 70′s disco anthem named Lights On. It’s a shimmering, funky tune with an irresistible beat. The slinky, heated indie dance song will have you snapping your fingers and grooving away. 

Gigamesh remix of Katy B’s Lights On

September 13, 2011

katy B

Katy B’s new album drops today (along with a TON of other great new albums of all kinds), so figured it was time to revisit Katy B. There was even an article in Yahoo news the other day about Katy B, which very much surprised me. Got sidetracked with this new Gigamesh remix of Lights On!