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August 21, 2017

With each day that passes lately, our show and concert schedule this fall seems to get even more jam packed. Artist and producers we adore continue to announce new San Francisco tour stops. Even ever elusive mask wearing Slow Magic will be embarking on a new tour later this year, one which brings him to the Warfield in San Francisco on December 7th. With this fabulous news comes a new original named Light, featuring dreamy chiffon vocals by London’s Tropics. Magical indeed is Slow Magic’s gorgeous future bass meets chillwave production on this snazzy sonic soiree. It shimmers brilliantly, as if under the glow of an iridescent moon in the dark of night, while playful plinking future beats fill us with a bright eyed wonder. Stream/download Light, here. Learn more about Slow Magic’s upcoming tour, here.

February 17, 2017

Simply put, I’d love to live wherever ILIVEHERE. lives, if I get to listen to the producer’s spectacular sonic concoctions all the time in doing so. The electronic auteur actually lives in Holland, so perhaps my aspiration seems a bit out of reach. For now, I’ll close my eyes and lose myself in ILIVEHERE.’s breathtaking new original, Coming Home, and pretend I’m traveling across a vast and beautiful world as I ride the majestic waves emitting from this magnificent opus. ILIVEHERE. fills me with wonder and makes everything seem imaginable and possible with his cathartic lifting, cinematic moving melodic bass. You can download Coming Home for free, here. For another awe inspiring soundscape, dive into ILIVEHERE.’s remix of San Holo’s Light below. I think I’ve found a new favorite producer. 

February 5, 2017

It’s true we’ve already heard some sensational remixes of San Holo’s Light, including edits by the likes of Crankdat and Loosid, but trust me, Dutch producer Deon Custom’s rendition of the song is an absolute must to add to that list even though it didn’t make it on to the official remix pack. Deon Custom unleashes dramatic enthralling, meditative sprawling future bass and chill trap on our joyous ears. Light takes on extra spiritual and philosophical characteristics through Deon Custom’s vast cosmic remix. 

February 2, 2017

San Holo’s dreamy oscillating Light has already been treated to some spectacular remixing. Just last week, we shared Loosid’s intense dazzling, dramatic gripping dubstep and trap makeover. Light gets a suffusion of a very different sort of aura on a new “re-crank” by Ohio’s Crankdat. The producer floats us to the heavens with his twilight rhapsody, a wavy curling, convex smooth trap and melodic bass makeover. I’m filled with wonder and awe by Crankdat’s airy reverie. The track is a free download, here.

January 20, 2017

San Holo’s ethereal slicing, crystalline enchanting Light gets a fresh enthralling makeover courtesy of Loosid, the critically acclaimed visual art and music project who first captured everyone’s attentions more than two years ago  with a jaw dropping remix of John Mayer’s cover of Free Fallin’. Loosid continues to dazzle with this new hybrid remix. Loosid’s “light” waxes and wanes, at times intense and glaring, at other times, shadowy and vague. Razor sharp futuristic tumbles and dreamy dulcet interludes takes us on an unpredictable journey. The dubstep and trap inflected remix is a free download, here.

November 23, 2016

San Holo releases ‘Light’ leading up to his two shows in SF this week with Robotaki, Madeon, and Porter Robinson. The Dutch DJ not only gifts us with a new track but also put it up for free download via his own label bitbird. 

August 28, 2016

Long time Providence based indie rock darlings The Dear Hunter are preparing to release their next full length, and they’ve premiered a new song via a lyric video. Light is a pensive and pastoral hymnal, a heart melting song full of wistful, tender nostalgia that explores the relationship between a father and a son. New album Act : Hmns With the Devil in Confessional drops September 9th via Equal vision. The Dear Hunter will be heading out on tour this fall with Eisley and Gavin Castleton. Pre-order the new record, here.

August 10, 2016

KINDER is a 24 year old singer songwriter and producer from London, and he has me swooning to no end to his plush debut, Light, a first track revealed from an EP of the same name to follow in September. His seductive mixture of dusty soul and hypnotic beats is slickly adorned with jazzy elements, resulting in a Tom Misch meets Frank Ocean sort of vibe heavy serenade. KINDER considers Nick Drake, Burial, and D’Angelo as his influences. Head over to Bandcamp to purchase Light.

April 13, 2016

Light, despite its name, is dark and weighty, consuming and bewitching. Despite that shadowy atmosphere, there is a lightness and a deftness to the song’s vibrant step. The riveting electronic aria comes from London based writer, producer, and musician Roseau, who saturates the glitchy electronic pop song with vastly surging intensity. Light will be on Roseau’s new EP, a project you can support on Pledgemusic.

November 24, 2015


Many of us have been hit very hard by recent tragic events in Paris, which felt like a direct affront on all music and freedom loving people, launching us into heartfelt solidarity and spurning much tribute in the music scene within its wake. Singer songwriter Chløë Black, who enraptured us a year ago with her beautiful, haunting pop debut 27 Club, was raised in Paris and the US, despite being born in Australia. She offers up her own memorial by covering legendary French singer and actress Françoise Hardy’s Le Temps de L’Amour, delivering a deeply resonating and sincerely emotional rendition of the song. It’s a cover both elegant chic and huskily sultry, and she now premieres a music video for the captivating tribute. Chløë Black’s voice is stunning on the song, exuding deep maturity and exquisite dignity. The video for Le Temps de L’Amour is a riveting montage of Chløë Black’s own clips of Paris and stock footage from a glamorous era of Paris, one bygone yet still definitively preserved within the City Of Light’s romantic class and timeless beauty, both which swept me away when I visited Paris and its music venues for the first time just a month prior to recent events. 

Chløë Black made the following moving statement in regards to the magnetizing cover and video:

“I’ve always loved this Françoise Hardy song. It’s timelessly cool and has only served to further fuel my obsession with French sixties bombshells.

Last weeks heartbreaking events literally hit close to home as Paris is the backdrop of my earliest memories. This grief made me hear the song in a new light. No longer just cool; it has taken on a personal melancholy and deeper meaning for me.

I wanted to, in a small way, honour not only the beauty of Parisians but humanity itself. I cut together a combination of stock footage and some clips I filmed myself in Paris a couple of years ago.

My heart goes out to those everywhere who have lost loved ones to terror.





You can stream the cover on Soundcloud below and follow along with an English translation of Le Temps de L’Amour’s lyrics below it. Thank you,

Chløë Black. You’ve captured my very sentiments in this time of dark grief, expressed in a way I cannot. You give remembrance, keep us company, and give us hope with your music.

It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
As the time comes and goes,
one thinks of nothing in spite of one’s wounds.
Because the time of love
it’s long and it’s short,
it lasts forever, we will remember it
At twenty, we tell ourselves that we are kings of the world,
and that all the blue sky will be in our eyes forever.
It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
As the time comes and goes,
We think of nothing in spite of our wounds.
For the time of love
it fills your heart
with so much warmth and happiness.
One fine day it’s love and the heart beats faster,
for life follows its course
and one is totally happy to be in love.
It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
When the time comes and goes,
one thinks of nothing in spite of one’s wounds.
For the time of love
it’s long and it’s short,
it lasts forever, we will remember it…