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November 14, 2017

I’m not glad I had to miss Alison Wonderland and Elohim when they toured to Oakland last month. In fact, I’m the opposite of glad. But I had no choice, and now I can only hope that these amazing artists will come back around the Bay again soon. In the meantime, Alison Wonderland takes us to our “happy place” with a sick new tune. Happy Place is her first new solo music in over two years, a gritty jabbing, tense gripping, and grandly cinematic trap and bass opus co-produced by Lido, Quix, and Joel Little. The heavy hitting banger and mesmeric thriller is just the high voltage elixir we need. Download/stream the earth jouncing jam, here.

November 9, 2017

With every new track Petit Biscuit has revealed off his debut album, my excitement for its release has grown ten fold. The latest such track even features esteemed multi-instrumentalist and producer Lido as a guest, and as expected, a track from the French producer involving someone as immensely talented as Lido is a jaw dropping affair. A chill groove and rhythmically entrancing beat gets our feet shuffling and our hearts fluttering on the atmospheric future beats song. The producer says of the song: “Problems is a track that’s unlike any other on the album. I had a great time experimenting with something more fun, more groovy. The R&B tone of Lido, his lyrics and his flow all give a strong thickness to the track. I hope you will like this song as much as Lido and I appreciated creating it.” Petit Biscuit’s debut album Presence arrives tomorrow, November 10th. Pre-order it, here, like I did. Stay tuned for a share of another immense track off Presence in our next feature. You don’t want to miss it, trust me.

June 14, 2017

It’s actually been quite some time since producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Lido has given us some new original music. That’s not to say we haven’t been incredibly elated listening to his cover of Solsbury Hill and his sensational remix of Portugal. the Man’s Feel It Still, over and over and over again these past months. But we’re over the moon that Lido has since returned with Not Enough, which is more than enough of the electronic maestro’s dexterous brilliance. He even partners up with groundbreaking R&B and hip hop duo THEY. on the song, which gives us a massive dose of old school New Jack Swing alongside its R&B dance groove and retro hip hop vibes. Lido and THEY. have generously made Not Enough a free download, here.

May 15, 2017

I’ve been bumping this one countless times a day since it first surfaced late last week. If this is your first encounter with this epic remix, you’ve been missing out! Portugal. the Man’s funky grooving, snappy shimmying Feel It Still is one of my favorite tracks of the year. Imagine my surprise when a remix surfaced crafted by none other than esteemed multi-instrumentalist and producer Lido? That’s right, Feel It Still has received a genius Lido treatment, and it’s incredible (and swag, SO swag)! Feel It Still goes finespun future bass on this texture intricate extravaganza, which is out now on iTunes, here.

March 30, 2017

Whenever I think of Lido, I picture him as a conductor of an orchestra, except it’s a one man electronic symphony that he leads. The Australian producer and multi-instrumentalist has proven himself a music virtuoso over the last several years, and it was never more apparent than the last time I caught him live at San Francisco’s Herbst Theater where he mesmerized and thrilled the sold out crowd with his performance. Lido’s talent crosses into covers, too, as can be heard on his imaginative cover of Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. He’s made the song all his own with his sparse flickering, chill quivering interpretation. Tell me this isn’t one of the most magical covers we’ve heard all year. We follow Lido’s voice through an enchanted forest in which strange creatures and babbling creeks abound. Just around the bend and beyond the crest of the next hill awaits the comfort of a home ready to welcome back our aching hearts.

February 26, 2017

Lido’s Crazy is pure magnificence and utter perfection, a orchestral trap magnum opus. I’ll never forget how spectacular it was to witness it live from within the elegant walls of San Francisco’s Herbst Theater last year. It was one of 2016′s stand out shows. Truly wondrous Australian producer Alice Wonderland has given that shuddering tour de force a phenomenal remix of her own. The mind blowing expanse of dramatic blaring future bass and slick slicing future trap found on the explosive remix reminds us why Alice Wonderland is one of the most exciting producers from Australia right now. Her Crazy edit can also be streamed at Spotify.

January 20, 2017

Though much time has passed since I last caught Lido live at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, I still find myself bathed in the show’s after glow. The sold out evening was spectacular. Lido pranced around the elegant stage, alternating between instruments both organic and electronic as he delivered a stunning performance. This week sees the surprise release of a new Lido EP, PPII, on which the Norwegian musician and producer collaborates on three new tunes with R&B vocalist Santell. Recruit, the second offering on that record, is a searing cut. A fiery spice, reminiscent of The Weeknd’s dark throbbing R&B, is drenched in Lido’s lavish future snazzy effects. Stream Lido and Santell’s PPII EP in full on Soundcloud.

June 15, 2016

Brasstracks, Lido, and Father Dude all on one song is a divine trifecta I never imagined would occur, but here I am, losing it to Telling The Truth. Horn and bouncy drums loving production duo Brasstracks has composed the perfect jazzy swaggering dance number alongside celebrated Norwegian future beats producer Lido. Harlem’s Father Dude is a heavenly addition to the song, his soulful vocals a fine pairing to the funk serrated, jittery resplendent masterpiece. 

April 11, 2016

Coachella Artists To Watch Lido still “got songs”. Witness his insanely fabulous new tune, Crazy, via its new music video. His self directorial debut was all done in one take… No special effects, no editing, all live performance. I absolutely love this track, and its orchestrated visuals take it to another level. It’s genius but we’ve also seen Lido perform with KORK for a live orchestrated performance of “I Love You”. Lido’s Crazy samples Los Angeles indie pop darlings POWERS’ Money, too! Don’t miss him at Coachella!

January 14, 2016

Out of the tragic and surprising news that overtook the world late Sunday evening came endless covers and renditions of songs from David Bowie’s extraordinary catalog of music. We’ll be reeling from the striking loss for much time to come, and artists and bands from across all genres have been newly inspired by the turn of events. Even Norwegian producer Lido has crafted a tribute to the brilliant artist, dishing up a haunting future beats interpretation of Space Oddity. Its serrated beats, dreamy cascades, elaborate subtlety, and mournful vocals are a fine ode to that innovative creativity and artful sagacity we will eternally love about David Bowie.