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October 17, 2017

You obviously can’t go wrong with a new Peking Duk original, much less one featuring our Swedish electropop favorites, Icona Pop. The single is named Let You Down, but we know none of these artists will ever let us down. Icona Pop lends their signature propulsive and endearing vocals to Peking Duk’s frisky pouncing anthem. Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde even joins Icona Pop on vocals, next to the song’s dashing razor-like synths and thunderous driving drum beats. 

Peking Duk talk about the inspiration behind the song: “It is loosely based off the story in the movie Candy from Heath Ledger’s perspective. We honestly just felt like the happy melodies would be far more interesting with a sad story through the lyrics. Weirdly, the story in Candy is far more relatable than it seems on first glance. Many people are actually in scenarios or relationships where they know they are bringing the other person down. This is the hard part; trying to tell them to leave so you don’t let them down.” Purchase/stream this epic single, here.