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November 13, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I had a very nice Sunday morning. I woke up and turned the television on to find LÉON cooing away with that beautifully soulful, husky captivating voice on MTV Live. They were re-showing the performance she recorded for them in 2016, and it was a spectacular reminder of how amazing LÉON has been every time I’ve seen her live in San Francisco. The Swedish chanteuse recently released a piano driven pop ballad named I Believe In Us, said to be inspired by Fleetwood Mac and Annie Hall. By the way, LÉON‘s Fleetwood Mac covers are exceptional. But let’s get back to this heartfelt and lovelorn ballad. It’s a deeply sentimental, melancholic pining, yet tenderly hopeful aria that leaves us falling head over heels for LÉON all over again. I Believe In Us is available, here.

July 14, 2017

As much as I’m deeply enamored with all of LÉON’s enthralling tunes, earlier singles Tired Of Talking and Think About You have stayed my favorites. The Swedish singer songwriter’s pop gets an uplifting dance treatment as NYC producer Dave Edwards infuses Think About You with an island breezy spring and iridescent beats. His house remix of Think About You is the definition of “feel good”, and it’s sure to brighten your day (or night). Whoever you might be “thinking of”, it’s not a poignant longing you’re feeling, but a hopeful and eager pining. You know that joyous feeling when you can’t wait to get out the door and see someone, or do something? That’s what this remix makes me feel. You can download the remix for free, here.

March 9, 2017

Just two weeks ago, LÉON was enthralling us with a sold out headlining set at Popscene in San Francisco. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her live, but I found the smoky voiced Swedish chanteuse more charismatic and captivating than ever. Soon afterwards, LÉON released her For You EP on Columbia. The title track is as sultry as pop can be. This dazzling break up anthem burns spiteful and intense, and it has its fair share of incensed vocabulary, too. If Tove Lo ever went soulful pop on us it might sound something like LÉON’s For You. For You the EP can be purchased now from iTunes. If an opportunity arises for you to see LÉON live, I highly recommend you get out there stat. Her magnetism and ravishing delivery are superior.

January 31, 2017

I’m one of the lucky few that was able to snag a ticket to LÉON’s sold out show in San Francisco at Popscene on February 17th, and I’m more than ready to watch in complete captivation as the Swedish chanteuse belts out her fine tunes. Despite my excitement, I’ve somehow let a couple new LÉON tunes slip by the radar, something I must make amends for right away. Just a few days ago, the Columbia signed pop sensation unveiled a brand new gem named Sleep Deprived. LÉON reports that she wrote this infectious and perky ballad years ago about that moment when a relationship turns sour and you start to play the blame game. But there’s nothing sour about this ballad, it’s a honeyed soulful delight on which her smoky deep voice shines brilliantly per usual. Sleep Deprived follows on the heels of dulcet brooding soul and husky simmering orchestral pop single Liar,  which you can melt to via its music video below. Adele’s emotionally charged atmosphere meets Seinabo Sey’s rich grandeur on this powerful aria. Purchase Sleep Deprives on iTunes, here, and Liar on iTunes, here. I look forward to experiencing the sheer force of these songs live next month.

October 23, 2016

LÉON’s deep husky, smoky full voice has always reminded me of a riveting combination of fellow Swedes Seinabo Sey and Tove Lo, but it certainly has a magnetic quality of its unique own, too. That voice shines brilliantly on the singer songwriter’s new song Think About You, a stringy lavish but ardent sincere pop ballad sure to win over many new fans to this long time IHM favorite. We’re one year strong into our fanaticism over this elegant and charismatic musician’s talent. The somber pining, soulful longing new song she offers us adds to our desire for a debut album. 

September 15, 2016

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September 13, 2016

Vancouver production duo Young Bombs has been busy bodies of late, having released several excellent remixes, including a can’t miss transformation of Troye Sivan x Alessia Cara’s WILD, which I’ll append below. They follow up on that buzzing track with another phenomenal edit. This time, they’ve tackled Swedish songbird LÉON’s beautifully enchanting pop anthem Tired Of Talking. The lightly effervescent, spaciously sparkling official remix gives LÉON’s spellbinding voice plenty of room to blossom while surrounding her with a breathtakingly gorgeous future bass soundscape. 

July 14, 2016

Swedish chanteuse LÉON’s soulful enchanting pop song Tired Of Talking is a gorgeous infectious gem that I’ve been loving for over a year now. Her smoky voice and the song’s infectious melody evoke Seinabo Sey and Zella Day. It’s that jewel of a tune we get to re-visit today, but draped in some new electronic threads thanks to A-Trak and Cory Enemy. They give the track a very unique remix treatment. Saxophone is an instrument we’ve become accustomed to on deep tropical house jams, but this time around it’s paired with light and airy future tropical vibes. Tired Of Talking becomes a frisky light, playful animated sonic confection both full on sexy and teasing coquettish. A-Trak and Cory Enemy’s remix is available now from iTunes.

September 7, 2015

It should be glaringly obvious by now that not only is Skizzy Mars a superbly talented New York based indie hip hop artist, but he’s also spectacularly skilled when it comes to offering up hip hop remixes of other artists’ songs. Just listen to his latest one, a remix of Swedish songstress Léon’s excellent debut pop song Tired Of Talking, titled “Changes”. Skizzy Mars new take on the infectious song is a glowing, summery makeover. His gritty hip hop vocals make a fine accompaniment to

Léon’s elegantly soulful voice, resulting in a pop meets hip hop chimera that’s infinitely charming in a chill but intoxicating way. Download the remix on Soundcloud.

August 26, 2015

There’s a bevy of talent from Sweden at any given moment with the ability to set my heart and soul afire with their music, but the range of sound and genre, even just under the big umbrella name of pop, can be very complex and varied. Sweden songbird LÉON’s sultry electronic pop is smoky and husky, reminding me more of the Tove Lo side of the Swedish pop scene.


follows up on last month’s Tired Of Talking debut with a new infectious jam named Nobody Cares. Incandescent ripples of electronic playfulness pair up with Nobody Care’s inescapably hooking melody to give us one of the year’s catchiest female pop tunes to date.