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February 15, 2018

Lake Jons released their marvelous self titled debut album last month. In the days leading up to its arrival, we shared many of the Finnish lo-fi pop and psych folk band’s songs. Just as we expected, their debut album doesn’t contain a single banal track. Give Away is but one of many splendid songs from the record, and today we partake in its spacey warbling, jaunty stirring rock together. I’d encountered it on Soundcloud during my musical discovery adventures, and I just couldn’t resist popping it up for a share since it’s such a wonderfully intoxicating, heady shimmering delight. For more on Lake Jons’ debut album, visit their website, here.

January 18, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 01.14.2018 – 01.18.2018

Featured Music – January 14 – 18, 2018
(excluding tracks not available on Soundcloud)

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January 16, 2018

I know I’m truly digging a band when I can’t seem to stop sharing each and every one of their new singles as they appear. Helsinki’s Lake Jons has quickly becoming one of our most regular guests on IHM with their blissful blend of space pop and psych folk. Lake Family is as euphoric a track as the buzzing band has put out, a driving progression of dreamy synths and meditative vocals, embellished with a rambunctious pattern of percussion. It arrives ahead of Lake Jons’ self titled debut album this Friday on AntiFragile Music, which will explore themes of introspection, existentialism, and human relationships, with lyrics detailing a quieter existence. Lake Family can be streamed or purchased from various outlets, here. You can re-visit Lake Jons’ prior releases on Soundcloud, here, as we count down the days to that debut album on Friday.

December 22, 2017

Lake Jons’ music just seems to get better and better with every new release from the Helsinki band’s forthcoming self titled debut album. My heart swells with love as the three piece enraptures us with their eccentric psych pop and folktronica on warped new single, Call Me. I find my mind drifting away joyously to the meditative twirling, spacey warbling lo-fi gem. Call Me’s pastoral beauty and kaleidoscopic distortion are like Ry X or Ásgeir Trausti fused with some Animal Collective and Tame Impala. Lake Jons’ debut album arrives January 19th via AntiFragile Music. 

November 29, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 11.24.2017 – 11.28.2017

Featured Music – November 24-28, 2017
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November 25, 2017

Helsinki based psych-folk trio Lake Jons recently announced their self-titled debut album, arriving on January 19th via AntiFragile Music. Our excitement for its release grows as the three piece reveals dynamic new single Breathe Out The Fumes. It’s a delicately stomping, aerial fluttering song that melds the earthiness of Milky Chance with the diaphanous texture of Ry X or Ásgeir Trausti alongside copious dusting of warped psychedelia. Lake Jons’ debut album wil feature a calm and persistent “life will go on” motif. The band retreated to an isolated cabin deep in a Finnish forest during the summer months of the year to write the album. Re-visit prior single Colors and the band’s other releases on Soundcloud, here.

November 10, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 11.06.2017 – 11.09.2017

Featured Music – November 6-9, 2017
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November 6, 2017

Finnish indie/psych trio Lake Jons join the exciting new album ranks today as they announce the release of their self-titled debut album on January 19th via AntiFragile Music. To go with this fine news comes an innovative new music video for the album’s lead single, Colors, a meditative gripping, slick spiraling psych rock gem and a riveting fusion of their steely strings, entangling synths, and vehement beats. You can mark this song as the second one named Colors this year that I’ve fallen quite hard for (the first being, of course, Beck’s Colors). Sound wise, it reminds me of Ry X crossed with some Klangstof and Phoria.  Stream/purchase Colors, here.

May 31, 2017

My encounters with Finnish trio Lake Jons seems to always leave me spellbound. Even If is no different with its steely strings, vehement beats, and entangling synths. This unique blend of psychedelic rock, electronica, and Nordic folk is a testament to the band’s refined brilliance. Lake Jons is in fact one of Finland’s most hyped bands, and it’s easy to see why. Their new single is rough yet enchanting, strapping yet expressive, like Lewis Del Mar paired with Alt-J with a Milky Chance groove. Even If can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 25, 2016

………………. Oh, hello! How long have you been here with me? Apologies, I was lost in the utter beauty of this splendid tune, In Time, from a Finnish band named Lake Jons. The trio, who formed quite by accident in 2014 (and such a happy accident at that), dish out folksy indie rock that nearly ventures into Bon Iver territory, but it’s crisper and far more bright eyed, at least on this particular springy gem. Their music, as they describe it, combines “the spirit of dusty garages, rumbling canyons, and nordic woods.” Lake Jons is also much influenced by Josh T. Pearson and Beck.  To learn more about Lake Jons, head to their website.