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January 28, 2018

In the year since Captain Cuts’ suave original debut Love Like We Used To was first released, many a fine remix have surfaced. The Los Angeles production trio’s hit single, featuring frequent collaborator Nateur, is a funky sleek, lavishly opulent dance pop meets electro jam, and a fresh new edit by East Coast producer Kwon reminds us we love it just as much now as “we used to”. He gives Love Like We Used To a buttery vivacious, elastic jouncing, and bass rumbling remix. The full bodied soiree more than holds us over as we await new original music from Kwon, who promises a lot this year. 

February 23, 2017

Late last year, Kwon made waves with the East Coast producer’s very first tune, Forever, and he impressed me so much that I immediately counted him in on my producers to watch list. Kwon continues to showcase his creativity and brilliance on new song Reflection Pool, a tightly wound, glassy shimmering future bass and chill trap instrumental. This is an epic sweeping saga, a spiritual adventure, and a cathartic journey…. As the title might suggest, Kwon gives us a pool in which we can reflect upon ourselves. This is Flume meets k?d, but extra ambient and dreamy. And it’s gorgeous. Download Reflection Pool for free, here.

August 31, 2016

I knew I had to share this one when I first stumbled upon it yesterday afternoon, and I was immensely delighted to find out it was a serendipitous debut discovery, too. Kwon arrives to thrill us from the DMV area (which I only recently learned means the D.C., Virginia, Maryland area of the East Coast and has nothing to do with motor vehicles). Though he started producing back in 2012, he’s had a classical instrument background throughout his life. After exposing himself to some life changing music in college, Kwon new he needed to compose music, not just DJ. That’s when he started working with some of our favorite artists in the budding modern scene right now, including Stephen, Imad Royal, Manila Killa, and more. Out of this journey comes Kwon’s Forever, his very first single. The track samples Eminem and Lil Wayne hit Forever, pitch shifting and chopping it up to create a gusty blast of wavy trap and hypnotic beats. If a song can be both mellow and electrifying, chill yet stimulating, this one’s it. It feels like forever, an eternity of scenic halls and surrealist textures through which was synchronously spiral and float. Forever is a free download, here.