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May 22, 2018

In less than two weeks, I’ll finally get to cross “seeing Kllo” off my bucket list, though I can’t promise I won’t end up adding “seeing Kllo a second time” right back on immediately afterwards. We’ve been following along with the duo from Melbourne, Australia for over two years, and we’re ultra excited to finally experience them live when they headline Popscene in San Francisco on June 1st. The “potential” of me coming away from the show even more awestruck than before is more than high. The duo recently returned with a gorgeously stirring new tune named Potential, a soft trickling, tenderly yearning downtempo ballad whose supple R&B pop and mellow beats evoke WET melded into some early BROODS. The translucent heart-render is out now on Ghostly. Stream/download, here

September 17, 2017

Melbourne duo Kllo go a stripped back route on their latest single, and the results are exquisite. Nylon is the third cut lifted from their debut album Blackwater, due to arrive October 20th. Its mournful chords and Chloe’s breathtaking vocals cut deep into our hearts as the minimalist electro pop song echoes and reverberates through our ears, leaving a haunting imprint in their wake, like the ghostly indenture in a pillow that stays long after a person has moved on from you. ‘Nylon is the most minimal track off the album,’ Kllo say of the song. ‘It was originally a production driven uk-inspired pop song but as we progressed with it, we stripped it back more and more to eventually end up with a piano ballad. It is about disorientation when growing older, but with a mind still too young to take on the serious commitments of what’s in front of you – and how suffocating it can be to try and hold yourself up to those expectation.’ Backwater will be available on CD, digitally, and on 180g double vinyl plus limited edition colored vinyl. Pre-order, here.

August 29, 2017

Melbourne duo Kllo has swiftly become one of the most buzz worthy acts of 2017, so we were thrilled when the pair announced their debut album last month. Backwater is set to arrive on October 20th via Ghostly International, and we’ve been blessed with a new preview from the album named Downfall. Glitchy beats, propulsive percussion, silky synths, and voluptuous bass endow this dusky sensuous, shadowy captivating electronic and trip hop beauty.  As much as Downfall feels vast and bottomless like the sea, its also intimate, a soft caress that knows all the secrets of our hearts. ‘We wrote it on a balcony in Croatia overlooking the water,’ say Kllo. ‘It was very beautiful there, warm and still. We were in a good space, reflecting on everything we’d gone through, but also how much we’d grown through making Backwater. It’s a reminder to not get too caught up in your head, to not dwell on the negative things.’ Stream/purchase Downfall, here. Pre-order debut album Backwater from Ghostly International, here.

July 14, 2017

Rapturous album news continue to arrive as Melbourne duo Kllo announce their debut LP, too! Backwater will be arriving on October 20th. To mark the festive occasion of this announcement comes a ravishing new tune named Virtue, which slow builds its way towards pure euphoria while telling a rather familiar story about how we appreciate things after they’re gone. The finespun production on this sleek and intricate electro pop song evokes Jamie xx’s garage inspired compositions, topped off with silky sensual R&B pop vocals. Virtue is out now and available, here. You can pre-order Kllo’s debut album Backwater from Ghostly International, here.

June 14, 2016

I’ve been waiting to hear more music from Kllo’s sophomore EP Well Worn since we heard its first single Bollide last month. The Melbourne duo made a striking impression on tastemakers all around with that song, so it’s not unexpected that second single Walls To Build is exceptional, too. Walls To Build flutters mellifluously, an elegant and supple dance of beauty. Kllo is lustrous enchanting on their gracefully composed, resplendently delivered blend of electronica and pop. Kllo’s Well Worn EP won’t be out till August 5th, but it can be pre-ordered from various outlets, here.

April 20, 2016

Melbourne duo Kllo are preparing to release a debut EP named Well Worn for Ghostly International, and they’ve share a first taste in the form of lead single Bollide. The duo exhibit pure, sexy sass on the steely house meets blistering R&B pop jam, its deeply resounding bass and intricate drum work adding layers to its exquisite magnetism. Bollide is a beautiful preview, one that leaves me eager to hear more from Well Worn, due out August 5th. Pre-order, here.