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October 27, 2017

I know we’ve said it plenty times before, but if you missed out on Klangstof’s debut album Close Eyes To Exit, you’ve made a massively egregious mistake. The Dutch/Norwegian band thoroughly impressed and entranced with their genre defying full length last year, which went criminally under the radar, at here in the U.S. Klangstof’s forthcoming EP, Everest, due out November 3rd, is your chance to redeem yourself. We heard the outfit go velveteen electro-soul on the surprisingly groovy title track earlier this month. Now float away in deep introspection to their brilliant new single, Resume, a progressive rock and electronic opus that feels more like Radiohead and Phoria in its dark and profound consistency. Klangstof wrote the song in response to President Trump’s proposed travel ban. The project is currently on an extensive European tour, find out more on their website, here

October 13, 2017

If you missed out on Klangstof’s debut album Close Eyes To Exit last year, I highly recommend you take the time to listen through the genius release by the Mind Of A Genius signed Dutch/Norwegian band. Though very much acclaimed by critics and tastemakers all around, it certainly went egregiously under the radar, at least here in the states. The band’s meditative fusion of electronica, post-rock, and indie rock is brilliant. It often evokes a mix of Radiohead and Local Natives, alongside a bevy of other widely revered bands. Klangstof now returns with news of a fresh EP named Everest, and they go groovalicious on the velveteen electro-soul title track. Its a hazy glistening, wavy funk inflected beauty, and you can download it for free, here. Support by purchasing, here. Watch its lyric video below. New EP Everest is slated to arrive on November 3rd. 

August 21, 2017

A heckuva lot of Klangstof remixes have surfaced this past year. The Norwegian band’s profoundly meditative music has lent itself well to all sorts of re-imaginings by incredible artists and producers all across the board. The latest such treat to come out on Mind Of A Genius is this edit of We Are Your Receiver, by NIKÖ BLANK. The South Korean native has turned the introspective ballad on its head with a bouncy spry, playful flickering chill trap edit whose vivacious air reminds me of Jai Wolf. We defy gravity as we skip and bound, swing and kick our legs higher than high to this frisky blithe remix, a free download, here.

June 7, 2017

The fact that so many gifted producers have taken upon themselves to remix Klangstof’s music is a testament to the Norwegian band’s brilliance. Close Eyes To Exit was probably one of 2016′s best debut albums. New Orleans’ Shallou is the latest artist to remix Klangstof’s Hostage, and there’s no denying the breathtaking beauty of his celestial edit.

Klangstof’s meditative fusion of indie rock, electronica, and post-rock is taken full advantage of on Shallou’s ambient approach. His nocturnal wonderland ebbs and tides under a gentle current. It twinkles, lopes, and bobs with intrinsic grace and elegance. Hostage, despite its name, has never felt more freeing. A gentle kiss of unsullied beauty and a soft graze of innocence is bestowed upon Hostage by Shallou, whose remix is available to stream and purchase, here.

May 4, 2017

Truly amazing remixes of Norwegian band Klangstof’s profound pieces continue to roll in as jackLNDN joins the ranks of Autograf and Catching Flies with his superb edit of We Are Your Receiver. The British producer infuses the meditative track with a sleek snazzy bounce, turning it into a thoroughly intoxicating deep house and future beats hybrid. The lavish banger is a free download, here.

April 22, 2017

Maybe you just had an epic Friday night, maybe you didn’t, but you’re about to have a magical Saturday morning, all due to this transcendental remix of Klangstof’s beautifully introspective Hostage by London’s Catching Flies. The tranquil entrancing, serene soothing twist Catching Flies has given Hostage takes us to nirvana. It’s a concentration of all that we find sublime from the likes of Bonobo, Four Tet, and Jamie xx. Our minds, body, and soul are taken “hostage” as Catching Flies arrests us with the metaphysical and the profound. We delve into the mysterious ocean that shelters our deepest thoughts and our innermost feelings. Catching Flies remix of Klangstof’s Hostage is a free download, here.

March 24, 2017

Everyone’s gone crazy this week for the epic four day Lollapalooza lineup that was just announced a few days ago, including my colleague, Nick, who will be attending the event. I myself am probably saving my cash after spending a fortune on my cat earlier this year, so I’ll just sulk in the corner, if you don’t mind. However, my sadness turns to euphoria as another favorite Chicago delight lifts my spirits with a stunning new remix. You see, Autograf has presented us with a transcendental remix of Norwegian band Klangstof’s outstanding track We Are Your Receiver. The production trio takes full advantage of the original’s ornate tapestry of pensive soothing, hypnotic scintillating elements, forging an airy burbling, wondrously effervescent spectacular out of it that melds chill ambient house with trilling future beats. The track is a free download, here. Alternate stream via Soundcloud can be found below. Catch ever versatile and innovative Autograf on tour, info here.

August 17, 2016

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August 16, 2016

Klangstof just released fascinating music video for the Norwegian band’s latest single, We Are Your Receiver, and the artistic endeavor is surely good reason to re-visit the exceptional song. Its video, which was directed by Menno Fokma, is a mind trip that explores the future of social media. The visuals accompany Klangstof’s lilting sonic tapestry crafted out of elements ranging from electronica to rock to alternative pop. We Are Your Receiver is as hypnotic soothing as it is witty scintillating, like a combination of Local Natives with Radiohead. The arrival of its video leaves me ever more excited for this band’s debut full length, rumored to be arriving later this year on Mind Of A Genius. In the meantime, some lucky people will get to catch Klangstof on tour with Jagwar Ma this November. But alas, I’m not one of the fortunate ones. Find out more about Klangstof’s forthcoming tour dates, here. We Are Your Receiver is out on iTunes.

July 15, 2016

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