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OFFICIAL VID: Geographer – Kites

February 29, 2012

Sweet! One of my all time favorite Geographer songs, Kites, now has an official video! I fell in love with this song a couple years ago when it was only in existence on the Animal Shapes EP. It is now the closing song on Geographer’s new full length, Myth, a critically acclaimed and long awaited release. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Kites is one of the lead singles off the album. Geographer will soon be moving onto the long predicted great achievements they deserve. And this song will always be awesome. Love it.

Here we go again…

October 15, 2011

Starting up with a sold out Metronomy show at Popscene tonight.

Then the rest of the weekend is going to be filled with Treasure Island Music Fest! Hope I can be a strong trooper and make it through it all OK. A few selections below from SOME of Day 1’s stellar lineup. Day 2 may follow later on, if I have time and energy (will have to see about that). 😉