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October 27, 2016

We’re closing the night out with some hard hitting thrillers, including this towering remix by Los Angeles duo NIGHTOWLS. They give fellow SoCal project B-sides’ Killers On The Loose, featuring Nevve, a bass snarling, drum pounding remix sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck. This bristling dubstep and future bass inferno is shaking in both a physical and mental sense. Nevve’s emotive vocals enchant beautifully from within the track’s vehement depths, creating a moving contrast of delicate and course, vulnerable and indomitable. Download NIGHTOWLS’ remix, here.

July 12, 2016

This next phenomenal tune involves two acts I just recently encountered. Killers On The Loose comes from B-sides, a Grammy nominated Hollywood based hip hop producer who also recently worked on 1000Volts’ Lights Out alongside Jayceeoh. This crisp hooking trap anthem also features luscious vocals by fellow Los Angeles based project Nevve who recently gusted on VOKES’ Backroad. With a title like Killers On The Loose, one might expect something dark and ruddy, ominous and sinister, but B-sides and Nevve take us to melodic heaven with their tour de force trap opera. Killers On The Loose is clean and emotive, theatrical and grand. Apparently in this movie, killers on the loose is an adventure to be had, not something to shy and run away from. If I’m ever in such a situation, I’ll make sure to fill myself on courage by blasting this tune. Killers On The Loose is a free download from Toneden.