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November 9, 2017

Yes, indeed, this one’s been out for a moment, but I’ve been enjoying Kid Froopy’s debut EP Drive Slow so much (including the rad remixes on the record) that I just have to throw it up for a share, too. You can check out the original version of Dreams, here. Its fluorescent pulsing electronica and fleecy soulful vocals get a mighty fine workover on Lil Texas’ remix. The Los Angeles based producer capitalizes on the original’s lush ambiance and gives it an energy boost on his percussive skittering, lavish simmering, yet elastic bounding edit. It’s a very fresh approach and an sumptuously intoxicating experience that befits the original’s title. I could dream forever to Lil Texas’ remix, as well as Kid Froopy’s original. Stream Kid Froopy’s Drive Slow EP in full on Soundcloud, here. Support by purchasing/streaming via alternate options, here.

November 2, 2017

Listening to Kid Froopy brings me back to the night I rung in my birthday at Popscene just last month. The producer opened up with a wicked set at Popscene for Terror Jr’s sold out live debut. In short, it was an epic Friday. Kid Froopy has since debuted his first EP, Drive Slow. To be honest, we’re hard pressed to select a favorite track off the eight track EP, which also includes several magnificent remixes of his originals by lauded colleagues. For now, let’s all gaze wistfully into the night sky as we drift to the iridescent glimmering beauty of EP cut NEW YOU, a lush gliding, dreamy glinting electro meets synthpop tune with floaty light vocals. You can stream Kid Froopy’s debut EP Drive Slow in full on Soundcloud, here. Purchasing and alternate streaming options can be found, here.

August 31, 2017

Carly Rae Jepsen’s Cut To The Feeling is epic, plus it brings a lot of that 80s driven neon synthpop splendor that’s been trending in the indie scene deep into the mainstream. An official remix of the song has surfaced, courtesy of Kid Froopy, and I can’t help but dig this plump plucky indie dance and chill disco take on the tune. I’m hoping he’ll be dropping the remix when he joins Terror Jr on their inaugural tour this October. 

July 30, 2017

Drive Slow may boast a contagious cadence and an uptempo groove, but it’s also cottony intoxicating and dreamy soulful. Kid Froopy crafted the funkalicious dance track as an ode to those foggy hangovers that afflict us after a long night out. Except, my morning hangovers tend to be excruciating and torturous, while Kid Froopy’s Drive Slow is pure bliss. I can only wish the morning after could feel as euphoric as it does when jaming out to Kid Froopy’s imaginative and ingenious fusion of disco, soul, future funk, and electro on this first single from the producer’s forthcoming Drive Slow EP. You can find the jam on Spotify/Apple, here.

February 20, 2017

Kid Froopy shows us how it’s done on Show Me, his contribution to Deadbeats’ inaugural compilation album Volume 1. The producer explains that when he first started writing the song, he wasn’t sure where it was going. As a result, we’re taken through a plethora of moods and tangible feels as he leads us on an expansive journey with the stunning trap and bass masterpiece. Deadbeats’ Compilation Vol. 1 also features songs by Rezz, Pusher, Zeds Dead, Nebbra, SMLE, Blount, Megalodon, and Memorecks. Yep, it’s that insane. You can purchase the nine track release from iTunes.

October 13, 2016

Earlier this week, we dove head first into the sublime world found on VALENTINE’s bubbly fizzing remix of Kid Froopy’s “bb (four missed texts)”, reporting in the process that the track came from a Moving Castle remix package that also featured several other tasty treats. Tonight, prepare to be twirled around rambunctiously by Dutch producer WRLD as he offers up his wavy prismatic, disco spinning contribution to said package. The neon hued, retro springing delight evokes some of M83′s tunes from his latest album, Junk, which was an epic study in past electro movements. WRLD’s interpretation of a song that was originally crafted with a 90′s R&B vibe is nothing short of brilliant. Download this glamorous jam for free, here. Purchase the full remix EP via iTunes.

October 12, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.10.2016

Featured music – October 10th, 2016

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October 11, 2016

Moving Castle production talent Kid Froopy gave us a misty grooving, pastel cottony jewel named “bb (four missed texts)” last month, blending retro R&B with perky cascading future electronica, reminding me of Janet Jackson, Blood Orange, and Shura in the process but deeply seated in an ethereal enthralling soundscape. Moving Castle has prepared an eargasmic official remix package for us, from which comes this ripe sawing, bubbly fizzing edit by Kansas City production whiz VALENTINE. I’m likely missing a whole load of texts while lost in this labyrinthian delight, but I don’t care. This other worldly spasm of twinkling, sparkling effects is utterly inebriating and thoroughly enthralling. Grab the track for free, here. Purchase the full remix EP, which also features remixes by WRLD and DZZ, from various outlets, here.

August 24, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.22.2016

Featured music – August 22nd, 2016

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August 23, 2016

Rising Moving Castle producer Kid Froopy welcomes us into a misty grooving, cottony pastel world on “bb (four missed texts)”. He also takes us back to the 90′s with an abundance of retro R&B charm on the perky popping jam, whose satin airy vocals feel like a combination of Janet Jackson and Shura. If Shura and Blood Orange’s sleek grooving R&B soul jams went future bouncy & polished electro , I’d surmise it might sound something like “bb (four missed texts)”, with crisper synths and bubblier chords. The sublime glittering dance track is available now from iTunes.