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May 22, 2018

An impeccable fusion of light and shadow, electronica and pop commands our hearts on bittersweet pop aria Keep Me Up from fast rising starlet Charlotte Lawrence. The melancholic aria walks a delicate line between olivia o’brien’s lissome R&B pop and Billie Eilish’s willowy gusting, dreamy ethereal pop. 

“I write easier about sad emotions,” says Charlotte Lawrence. “I think it’s so cool to have an upbeat song with dark lyrics. If you tap into an emotion then you can write a whole story. No matter what you’re going through it’s important to take risks with music. I never want to play it safe.” Keep Me Up definitely doesn’t play it safe. It’s breathtakingly personal, a pop confession that deals directly with mental health in a frank way. “I’ve always had anxiety,” she explains. “It’s not something we talk about a lot but people are being more open about their mental health. I felt it was important to talk about it in my music and help other people who might be struggling.”

Charlotte, who also recently collaborated with Sasha Sloan and Nina Nesbitt on Psychopath, has prepared two full EPs to drop later this year. Stream/download Keep Me Up, here.

January 22, 2016

There sure are a lot of acts that only dropped one or two songs in 2015 that are making their grand re-entrances of the year right now. Australian electronic duo Yuma X make a resonating statement with their return, a softly smoldering electronic pop song full of sensually simmering texture. Gently yearning Keep Me Up is a gingerly roiling ocean of tender desire and lovelorn melancholy. Despite its feathery touch, Keep Me Up engulfs and consumes, leaving us in sublime shambles.