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March 29, 2018

Heartwarming, earthy stomping, and melodious hooking Do It Like You Do is London duo KAWALA’s latest single. Since its release earlier this month, it’s already drummed up much praise and adoration, having been heavily featured on many of the largest indie pop playlsits, as well as garnering slots on several New Music Friday lists in the UK, Italy, & Poland. The British duo has since released a new music video for the song, too, affording us a fine chance to partake in its balmy strums and breezy buoyancy. Do It Like You Do’s music video was directed by Tim Moorhouse, and it features a collective of the pair’s friends and family that all came together at a school in Kentish Town to shoot the video.

Jim Higson (vocals) explained the desire to share this important part of the band and their connection with where they are from, “We’ve always felt it important to involve friends and family when and where we can. The sense of

community is something we want to accentuate." The summery song is KAWALA’s second single, following on the heels of their debut single Small Death. The hotly tipped duo have already sold out several of their headline shows in the UK. Do It Like You Do is available via major outlets, here.