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April 4, 2018

Our passionate dalliance with Scandinavian pop continues this evening with a resolute marching re-release from Kassandra, the Swedish singer songwriter who enthralled us with her spice and grit nearly a year ago on No Longer Lovers. Now that Kassandra has left the majors behind and joined the likes of Betty Who in re-embracing the indie way of life, she’s ready to remind us how good that song is. Tribal beats and Kassandra’s fiery confidence explode full force on the charging anthem, which explores themes of heartbreak and determination. We charge forward, looking ahead with much excitement for some fresh material from Kassandra. You can download No Longer Lovers, here.

April 11, 2017

With a tragic name like No Longer Lovers, it’s easy to assume we’re about to delve into a mopey sulking ballad. But the song that Swedish singer songwriter Kassandra gives us is full of spice and grit. No Longer Lovers’ spacious booming, sparse pacing electronic pop is fierce and confident. That lover has been left in the dust as this warrior marches forward with steely resolve and a determined heart. If you need some courage and resolve after a heartbreaking event, Kassandra is here with some fresh bravura via her icy infectious, other worldly entrancing music.