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March 8, 2018

It’s with a massive amount of grief that I had to miss shallou’s sold out set at the Rickshaw Stop last month. There’s no doubt that the Chicago based songwriting and production genius is a brilliant musician. His ethereal and other-worldly soundscapes fill us with starry eyed wonder, often evoking future bass and chill trap luminaries like Odesza and Petit Biscuit. If you missed out on his latest single Find, we’ve got you covered. Float away to his twinkling soul-searcher, a collaboration with Swedish producer Kasbo and satin voiced Cody Lovaas. We soar through the atmosphere with the trifecta on the wings of the mellifluously flickering beauty, which is the second track to be unveiled from Shallou’s forthcoming Souls EP, out April 27th. Catch shallou at various festivals and gigs this year, including including a weekend performance at Okeechobee. Pre-order Souls, here. Find is available as a single, here.

January 26, 2018

Over the holidays, we found ourselves obsessively infatuated with Kasbo’s Snow In Gothenburg, the perfect winter retreat steeped in silky gliding, atmospheric billowing nostalgia. But 2018 gives us a new song from the Swedish producer to fall for. This time around, Kasbo has even partnered up with British faves TENDER. Their velveteen vocals divinely complement Kasbo’s dreamy lush, drafty smooth future bass on Aldrig Mer. The new single comes accompanied by welcome news of a debut album from Kasbo named Places We Don’t Know, out March 23rd on Foreign Family Collective / Counter Records. You can pre-order the album now, here. Kasbo embarks on his first headline tour of North America this April. Details can be found on his website, here

December 21, 2017

I’ve only ever visited Sweden briefly, during a several hour layover in Stockholm on my way to France in autumn, but that brief foray into the beautiful country took my breath away. I can only imagine how magical Sweden is during winter, when ice and snow covers its islands and coasts, fjords and cobblestone alleys. We get a vibrant taste of that magic via Snow In Gothenburg, a new original from Swedish producer Kasbo. Though sculpted out of melancholic house and nostalgic future bass, this silky gliding, atmospheric soaring song instills in us comforting hope for the future. That snow will melt, that ice will thaw, and spring will surely arrive. In the meantime, winter is stunningly gorgeous, and from its fantastical scenery wafts the familiarity of long cherished memories. A peaceful solitude overtakes us. Watch the music video for Kasbo’s Snow In Gothenburg below. Download the song, here.

April 6, 2017

Chelsea Cutler, the ever bewitching and pristine voiced songstress from Connecticut, proves herself a divine companion to Kasbo on the Swedish producer’s youthful springing, aerial chiming new offering, Found You. Wide open skies and chirping birds greet us as we slide into the incandescent aria. Found You is airy celestial and sparkly effervescent. Its minty freshness and vernal refinement fills us with warmth and optimism as we dance eagerly alongside Kasbo’s sprightly chords and limber beats. Found You flutters swiftly and flickers weightlessly, enchanting us and reminding us of Odesza in the process. Kasbo leaves us beaming in utter joy and contentment. Anything unsightly or dark in the world seems to fade away as we gaze upon its promising beauty through Kasbo’s rose tinted lens. Found You is a free download, here.

November 4, 2016

After giving us a handful of sensational remixes of songs I love from bands like Mutemath and Temper Trap, Swedish producer Kasbo is finally back with new original music. On Call, he employs beautiful vocals by England’s Cheney whose quivering rich voice is reminiscent of Ryn Weaver and Kiiara. Call is a trembling entrancing future bass gem. It moves gracefully and simmers with R&B passion, like a key tinkling, gently jazzier combination of What So Not and AlunaGeorge. Call is out now via various outlets, here.

August 5, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.03.2016

Featured music – August 3rd, 2016

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August 4, 2016

I’m sincerely fond of Mutemath’s 2015 album Vitals. In particular, album single Monument is a timeless classic for me. It’s hard to entrust someone to remix a song you hold dear to the heart, but when I saw that Sweden’s Kasbo was in charge with the latest interpretation of the mellifluous anthem, I knew we were in good hands. Kasbo turns it down a notch on his dreamy pensive future beats rendition of Monument. This bubbling brook of an enchanting remix hovers in mid air, filled with wistful nostalgia and bringing forth memories long buried. This ambient gliding edit will be on a remixed version of VITALS. Mutemath will be revealing more details about the record in the coming weeks. 

July 9, 2016

While The Temper Trap’s debut album Conditions will likely forever be my favorite full length from the Aussies, I’ve fallen pretty hard for their third studio album, Thick As Thieves. Every song is sweeping and stirring on the solid release, and I could listen to it endlessly without tiring of its tunes. Track number five on Thick As Thieves is a soaring anthem named Fall Together, on which Dougy Mandagi’s voice flies magnificently. As it turns out, this song works plenty well as a melodic bass remix, too. Swedish producer Kasbo demonstrates this dexterously with his edit. Fall Together turns into an atmospheric and ethereal gem, one with the melodic dubstep feels of producers like Illenium and Said The Sky. Kasbo’s remix sparkles and glides with a timeless beauty. 

October 24, 2015

Coming from Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective label Kasbo transports me to a ‘World Away’. It’s a world full of evocative and lush soundscapes that melts you away with transcendent beauty. It provides a spacious atmosphere that’s full of life. If you are going to HARD Day of the Dead check him out.

October 13, 2015

‘There’s Something About U’ Kasbo. Maybe it’s because you’re from Sweden, a place responsible for turning out so many great artists. I’m loving this laid back joint that I envision some sick choreography to back dance groups. You can download this track, and his whole EP “Umbrella Club”, for free.