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July 31, 2016

I rarely spend my time at a karaoke bar, but the last time I hit up one of those joints with some of my closest friends, it was a whirlwind of unforgettably goofy and exhilarating fun. Brooklyn synthpoppers Fly By Midnight evokes the rush of that night on their song, Karaoke, the catchiest tune to surface in the indie scene in a very long while. Karaoke’s slick dance pop lifts me sky high, a must listen for fans of bands like Great Good Fine OK, The Wombats, Panama Wedding, and so many other projects many of us love. Karaoke comes complete with epic sweeping 80′s guitar, lively clattering percussion, and the most radiant sing along ready chorus ever. This retro pop duo are poised to take over the world with their punchy sleek music. An official music for Karaoke is sure to take the internet by storm soon. You can download the single from Soundcloud now.

February 13, 2015

Manila Killa makes a killer (pun intended?) return to solo remixing with an intoxicating, entrancing remix of  Smallpools’ fantastic, anthemic alt pop song Karaoke. The producer, who’s also one half of hotly buzzing production duo Hotel Garuda, gives the bright and sweeping song a thorough transformation with an infusion of jazz level piano resplendence and a lavish future bass style.

January 8, 2015

Rising Pittsburgh producer Steve James returns with another high energy banger. On this one, he’s remixed Los Angeles alt pop band Smallpools’ massively infectious gem Karaoke. The original is already such an upbeat anthem, and Steve James turns it into an even more vibrant and euphoric monster of a progressive house jam. Despite the animated, arena ready power, the remix retains a very indie and alt flavor, bordering on electronic pop in its calmer moments, much in the same way as some of The Chainsmokers’ tracks sometimes do.

November 26, 2014

It’s certainly a good day when Los Angeles band Smallpools drops a new anthemic gem. This time, they have one for us named Karaoke, a great addition to their growing list of catchy, vibrant indie alt pop songs. I’m also incredibly impressed that they pronounce karaoke pretty accurately. Most people in America pronounce it wrong as “karee-okee”.  It’s hard to beat the exceptionally infectious and upbeat Dreaming, but Smallpools certainly knocked another one out of the ballpark with the more mid-tempo Karaoke. 

RETRO MOMENT: How deep IS your love?

August 21, 2011


They were playing some radio station at the salon earlier when I was getting my haircut. The playlist was kind of random, went from Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly to Bee Gees immediately after, then One Republic. But it reminded me how great the Bee Gees are and how awesome this song is. I may LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE Bon Iver, but let’s not forget the true legends of singing in falsetto. I bring you a retro moment of the day… and feel free to singalong since this is a karaoke video! The beegeestv official upload didn’t allow embedding.