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February 17, 2017

I dove eagerly into this remix the very moment I became aware of its existence. You see, I’m a massive fan of Kate Bush, and Cloudbusting is most certainly one of my favorite tunes by the esteemed British pioneer. For a dance remix of Cloudbusting to drop in my lap is like a gift from the music gods, one that could go seriously awry or be a delicious modern twist. Just Us, the NYC duo made up of Steven Lee and Carl Kennedy, offer up the latter on their crossover edit. Cloudbusting does happen to be one of Kate Bush’s more upbeat and bopping pieces. Just Us takes full advantage of that fact as they transform the legendary song into a deep dance cut with Kate’s inimitable voice shining front and center. The remix bounces elegantly, accompanied by its signature strings. This is one euphoric dancefloor Cloudbusting I’d be more than happy to get down to. Snag the jam from iTunes, here. Re-visit the music video for the original, here, which I still find absolutely captivating in all its bizarre Miyazaki like, giant Donald Sutherland starring glory.