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April 19, 2018

I probably have an unhealthy obsession with the morbid and grim. Sometimes, I could watch crime dramas or reality shows for hours on end, and I find serial killers much intriguing. Not that I want to celebrate the horrible things they’ve done, quite the opposite, but the psychology and behaviorism involved is fascinating. What should be celebrated, however, is this new song from London’s Moncrieff. The soulful, bluesy crooner has teamed up with LA future bass/trap producer JUDGE on Serial Killer, a suspenseful smoldering future soul/R&B ballad. JUDGE’s dramatic production and Moncrieff’s incendiary voice come together to create a tensely charged effect. Serial Killer is a ball of electricity, ready to burst. Download/stream Serial Killer, here.

January 5, 2018

Last November, I went out and “danced on the moon” with our favorite Moving Castle heroes, Hotel Garuda, and it was pure joy leaping into the air with a colossal crowd of ecstatic people to their latest original, Dancing On The Moon, on which they even teamed up with Norwegian heavyweights Lemaitre. We’ve been waiting for a remix pack since, sure that Hotel Garuda’s luxurious oasis of smooth disco and exuberant electro funk would continue to thrive in the hands of some their gifted production buddies. Today, our hopes have been heard, our prayers answered. Three remixes of Dancing On The Moon are out, including this one by breakout Los Angeles producer JUDGE. He gives the track a darker vibe with his future funk and trap remix, turning this lunar escapade into a restlessly jostling, beats breaking extravaganza. Additional edits by Botnek and Cavego are also available for streaming, here. Support the original on iTunes, here.

January 5, 2018

One of Josh Pan’s latest phenomenal tracks is named Selfish, but really, there’s nothing selfish about it at all. Not only has the New Yorker generously graced us with a riveting spectacular, but he also shared the creative process with an impressive list of production talent, including Judge, Y2K, and Dylan Brady. The dusky brooding alt electronic track, which he’s also tagged as “ghostrock”, is a haunting yet electrifying affair. Moody beats, gossamer vocals, simmering guitars, and atmospheric synths wrap around each other in a dance of aching passion. It’s a gut punch of a song, an exploration of your own inadequacies and inner demons, both bitter and stirring. In Josh Pan’s case, agony leads to ecstasy. Selfish is available at iTunes, here.

August 21, 2017

Rising Los Angeles based producer and musician JUDGE first caught our ears nearly half a year ago when he partnered up with Mark Johns on a smoky seductive, torrid burning rendition of 6LACK smash hit PRBLMS. We’re stoked that he’s now signed to one of our absolute favorite collectives and labels, Moving Castle. He makes his MC debut with Soul, a sensuous and steamy, gooey and moody post-EDM cornucopia of floaty and introspective future trap, R&B, and hip hop vibes. Soul is also available for streaming via Spotify, here. We’re more than excited for what JUDGE and Moving Castle have planned for us next. In the meantime, visit JUDGE’s Soundcloud, here.

March 7, 2017

6LACK’s PRBLMS is on fire. It’s one of the most hotly buzzing hip hop tracks of the moment. A new rendition of that trappy jam has also ignited since it dropped on Friday. This new PRBLMS comes by way of ever talented and multifaceted artist Mark Johns, who partners up with Los Angeles based producer Judge to deliver a smoky seductive, torrid burning conflagration of sultry R&B, electro, and hip hop. You can grab the brilliant edit for free, here.