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March 28, 2018

Dark bewitchment abounds on Burn, a magnificent and dramatic future R&B, trap, and bass opus from talented producer Madeaux. An all star crew of musicians join him on the track, including satin voiced New Yorker, Josh Pan, London seductress FiFi Rong, and new artist on our radar, HOLLY. This four way contingent casts an opaque spell on us with their edge-of-the-seat dusky thriller. Serpentine whizzing synths, sultry drawling vocals, and climactic percussion draw us into their tumultuously blistering world, dripping with longing and anguish. Burn brings together the sharp textures of Arca, SOHN, and What So Not with the sonic sorcery of BANKS and Sevdaliza. The song is the latest single off Madeaux’s album BURN, out now on Fool’s Gold. Stream on Spotify, here.

January 18, 2018

Norwegian production talent Bearson teams up with gooey melting New Yorker Josh Pan on their new collaborative track, a dreamy ambling, murky wafting R&B/electro track named Free. Freed we are from the shackles of life, if only for a few minutes, as we drift and sway to this dark simmering gem. The song is a major shift in sound for Bearson, who usually gives us vibrant and uptempo tracks, but we can’t help but love this change in pace from the versatile producer. Dusky synths and a slow waltzing cadence make Free the perfect song to set the mood for a slow dance with that someone special, but its tender melancholy is also fit for some lonesome pining late into the night. Download Bearson and Josh Pan’s Free, here.

January 5, 2018

One of Josh Pan’s latest phenomenal tracks is named Selfish, but really, there’s nothing selfish about it at all. Not only has the New Yorker generously graced us with a riveting spectacular, but he also shared the creative process with an impressive list of production talent, including Judge, Y2K, and Dylan Brady. The dusky brooding alt electronic track, which he’s also tagged as “ghostrock”, is a haunting yet electrifying affair. Moody beats, gossamer vocals, simmering guitars, and atmospheric synths wrap around each other in a dance of aching passion. It’s a gut punch of a song, an exploration of your own inadequacies and inner demons, both bitter and stirring. In Josh Pan’s case, agony leads to ecstasy. Selfish is available at iTunes, here.

December 13, 2017

Australian bass bigwigs SLUMBERJACK link up with New Zealand’s QUIX and New York’s Josh Pan to show us just how immense their “vision” is with a beast of a comprehensive track named Vision. This is a brain jarring, body jostling explosion of nasty beats and filthy trap drops. It winds and curls, shudders and quakes with a dizzying intensity. There’s barely a moment to catch our breath as we tumble about with the dark exhilarating track. The international union straight crushes it on Vision, which is available, here.

July 7, 2017

As much as I love the endless deluge of balmy summer anthems we’re encountering these days, I do indeed harbor a dark and twisted heart. As such, my favorite music tends to lean towards the spectral inky or the fiery scorching. Needless to say, I find Josh Pan’s new single Give It To Ya deliciously nebulous and viscerally incinerating. The OWSLA signed producer even links up with “darkwave duchess” ABRA on the track, a fine choice considering how bewitching we’ve found ABRA’s bedroom electronic pop and future R&B in the past. Sharp jostling, warped heady, and sinuous glowering Give It To Ya comes with one of the best videos we’ve seen all year, too. Dystopian visuals are nothing new when it comes to music videos, but the spellbinding clip, crafted by French artist Quentin Deronzier, is a brilliant accompaniment to bristling Give It To Ya. Give It To Ya is available for streaming/downloading, here.

June 10, 2016

What do you get when an innovative group of producers including Misogi, R.O.M., Deffie, Kvn, Josh Pan, x&g, Ramzoid, and perhaps even more come together to forge music? A collective named B.A.A.D. Music whose first track is very um, GOOD! Well perceiving Kanye fans have probably noticed the collective’s name is a twist on G.O.O.D. Music. The group of producers embark on their adventures together with Champions II, a play on Ye’s song Champions. In similar fashion, each producer on this project turns in some magic on the tour de force jam. What we get is an eight minute long trap and electronic journey that takes many scintillating turns. You can “cop” this tune for free from Toneden.