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May 22, 2018

jesse saint john stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight earlier this year when the artist, who’s written music for the likes of Brooke Candy, Sia, Camila Cabello, and Britney Spears, dropped a high voltage dance rock and dance pop debut named MOVE. That kinetic release is still moving us today, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re wildly elated that the Los Angeles based queer pop artist has returned with his second single, FAKE IT. It’s an uplifting futuristic pop song with an instantly infectious chorus as well as heavy hitting coruscant synths. 

In jesse’s words, “‘FAKE IT’ continues the themes that I explore in my work of yearning for something more and searching for depth in a generation of shallow connections and instant gratification. Sonically I’m super inspired by fusing pop and bloghaus. It’s important to keep dancing while asking the tough universal questions. If you stop dancing life gets sad.” FAKE IT keeps us moving alright. It’s an epic anthem with hints of Charli XCX’s booming electropop and Twin Shadow’s synthpop trickling through its constitution. Stream/download, here.

February 9, 2018

Los Angeles based pop newcomer jesse saint john, who’s been a force of a songwriter for the likes of Brooke Candy and Britney Spears in the past, steps out of the shadows with his first single MOVE, a high voltage dance rock and dance pop extravaganza that does exactly that, make us move. It’s a sterling dance floor hit from the writer, a vigorous and animated, kinetic and punchy jam that more than jump starts his new chosen path as a solo artist. The debonair tune can be streamed and downloaded, here.