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April 7, 2018

Jeremy Zucker is back at it again with his newest song ‘all the kids are depressed’. We’ve previously featured ‘Talk is Overrated’, ‘End’, and ‘Ghosts’, and this one does not disappoint. Well, it does make it us a little sad when we internalize the song and wonder how many of us are depressed kids wondering what the hell we’re doing with our lives. I mean just today I was thinking about exes and now I’m home drinking too much. Everybody’s just trying to figure their shit out and pretend things are okay. We may be scared, but at least we’re here. What’s life without a little fear? 

August 27, 2017

Here’s an “Ode 2 Bae”. Arme, a Romanian talent, drew from the influential sounds of Jersey’s popping scene, New York’s ballroom beats and Chicago’s effervescent juke & footwork community. The bouquet of styles lends itself as a dance partner to your romantically inclined heart.

April 27, 2017

Long time fans of IHM know that we’ve been with The Chainsmokers since their earliest days, and though the bitterness and hate seems to be brewing strong regarding the pair now that they rule the world with their debut album, we will not partake in any of that negativity. Instead, let’s celebrate their recent collaboration with Coldplay, no strangers to controversy and backlashes themselves, by diving into a spectacular remix of Something Just Like This by New Jersey’s DJ 4B. His “4B Remix” is an exhilarating re-imagining of the dominating hit. It’s not unexpected that the track sports a high octane Jersey bounce considering where the producer hails from, but it’s finely balanced with atmospheric surges and sizzling chops. Snag the remix from hive, here.

March 1, 2017

Somewhere in between future and chill lies the zestful appeal of TRAILS’ new remix. The Berlin based production talent takes SAINT WKND’s celestial chiming Golden featuring Australian duo Hoodlem and gives it a summery spring. TRAILS’ remix bumps and thumps with rotund, gleeful aplomb. This ebullient version of Golden is a brisk vivacious dance floor anthem. There’s no keeping still to its Jersey styled bounces. Download the edit for free, here.

March 23, 2016

New Mura Masa is an obvious event to celebrate, and revel we shall as we dive into the esteemed UK producer’s latest track, “What If I Go?”. I’d be lying if I said Mura Masa’s long sold out show at the Independent in San Francisco this May isn’t one of the shows I’m most looking forward to this year (plus, Nao is the support act, too!). I’m certain I’ll be dancing away in joy to this new glittering jam, which features vocals by hip hop artist and producer Bonzai. Future funk, R&B, gospel, hip hop, this one has it all, and Mura Masa is the brilliant man who can sew it all together perfectly into one Balearic glowing, sweetly springing summer confection. “What If I Go?” is the second single from Mura Masa’s much anticipated debut album, out via Anchor Point Records later this year. In the meantime, you can purchase the single from iTunes.

March 13, 2016

Lately, there’s been some sensational remixes of Annabel Jones’ IOU, but AObeats frisky and spicy edit is my new favorite. The London based Moving Castle co-founder transforms the crisp electropop original into a synth splendorous, drum clattering spectacular, its brisk bounce and future hop beats driving me to form a one person afternoon dance party here in my dining room. Annabel Jones’ vocals are as elegantly sleek as ever surrounded by AObeats’ bubbling production.

February 10, 2016

I’ve been such a huge fan of Australian producer Motez ever since I encountered his brilliant remix of my favorite Flight Facilities song, Claire de Lune, several years ago. To date, it’s still one of my top favorite remixes. Motez takes a dark and blistering turn on a spectacular new original named Down Like This, an explosion of pure fire featuring rap vocals by Australia’s fast rising hip hop sensation, Tkay Maidza. Her biting delivery is the perfect match for Motez’s warbling, dirty bass popping spectacular. Down Like This is an electrifying jolt, and it leaves me wired and ready for the producer’s forthcoming EP. Down Like This will be available to purchase on February 19th via Sweat It Out!.

January 6, 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since Martin Solveig and GTA’s massive hit Intoxicated first surfaced. Eleven months later, and it’s still one of the most behemoth electronic jams around. The moment I even hear it mentioned, Intoxicated’s unmistakable melody and bouncing, flaring synths enter the invisible ears of my mind in full force. For a thrilling and gripping revisit of Intoxicated, we turn to LA’s Salva, who regales us with a spectacularly rousing and intense trap and Jersey club interpretation, one that has me itching to follow it up with some Brenmar to continue the good vibes. The exhilarating rendition is a free download direct from Soundcloud.

January 5, 2016

UK duo July Child have me snapping my hips in glee to their deep house and UK garage club banger, Thinkin Of U, a resourceful and addictive interpretation of Ashanti hit Rock Wit U. A sassy spirit permeates the tightly wound, heated dance floor anthem as the track emits a bubbly, flirtatious Jersey playfulness. July Child’s Amber turns in an alluring performance on vocals to accompany the song’s crisp and clean beats. It’s just the much needed dose of bright eyed energy I need after a long first Monday of 2016. Download Thinkin Of U for free, here.

December 24, 2015

Vancouver duo WMNSTUDIES and their Dirty Radio pal WASPY teamed up on some stellar tunes this past year, including a lavishly intoxicating chill electronic track named Photographs, featuring Sundays. Its ethereal beauty is taken to a whole new level on an edit by Canadian producer James Deen who gives it a dark future bass and fizzy chill trap remix both soothing and hyper Jersey slick. It’s a heady experience, one that may have wallowed away in silence on James Deen’s hard drive if not for the fortunate fact that he decided to let us in on a collection of 9 remixes, mostly unofficial, that he thinks should probably stay hidden on his computer. I respectfully disagree, sir. The producer calls this the ‘lost in the sea of my hard drive’ version of Photographs. Well, I’m lost in the sea of his production.