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March 13, 2018

Hudson Mohawke’s Chimes is a classic in my book. Though I haven’t listened to it in awhile, the moment that progressive melody hit my ears raised all the serotonin levels in my brain to the max. And now, Basenji, another much revered production legend, has released his bootleg of Chimes. You should be no stranger to the remix if you’ve caught Basenji live. But to be able to dive into its breaking Jersey Club/garage styled intricacies whenever we want is a generous gift from the music gods. It’s almost as if Jamie xx and HudMo came together on a track. In other words, this is brilliantly divine. Basenji’s bootleg marks the beginning of a whole month of fresh releases from the producer. You can catch the Sydney artist back home in Australia this spring when he embarks on tour. Dates can be found, here.

March 8, 2018

Frederik Sally is the Danish producer behind Fred The Future, who really does seem to be the future of electronica when you take into account his latest single Thinkin Bout You. The bubbly aerated track is a forward thinking melting pot that fuses future R&B, Jersey Club, and chill trap to brisk dashing, frisky infectious results. It’s like Mura Masa and Kaytranada with a UNIQU3 bounce and some seriously moving vibes. For more Fred The Future and some fine mixes, head to his Soundcloud page, here. Thinkin Bout You, which I’ll be thinking plenty about, is available for free, here.

February 20, 2018

We gladly drown in the somber beauty of DJ 4B’s fresh original, Drown, a grand and cinematic fusion of brassy buoyant Jersey club (he is from Jersey, after all) and dark thundering future trap, topped off with riveting pop vocals. The track arrives as the producer is touring with Kayzo on his sold out U.S. expedition. Drown is a huge release to kick off 2018 for DJ 4B, who’s poised to have a massive year. You can grab the bold and adventurous track from Apple Music, here.

November 14, 2017

Melon loving, Josh Ocean lead Los Angeles avant-garde project NVDES seems to march to the beat of their own drum. Their ear perking music is always fresh and unique. They truly “do their thing” when it comes to their psychedelic groove and alt dance music, plus they throw a heckuva show live, too, as I myself experienced recently at the Independent in San Francisco. Come December 8th, NVDES will be releasing their La NVDITÉ, Vol. 2 EP, a six-track collection, and it includes this jungle lush groover, D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing), featuring Nashville’s REMMI on piquant vocals. It’s impossible to keep from moving to this playful bouncing, spicy bumping tune, which sort of comes off like a cross between JAIN and SOFI TUKKER, with a buoyant Jersey bounce. Purchase/stream D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing), here, as we wait for NVDES next EP.   

October 13, 2017

Oakland native Alexander Lewis brings us quite the treat in the form of his latest single, Off Guard. We’re definitely not caught off guard by the producer’s ability to bring in a bevy of elements on the buoyant electronic track, which features sassy R&B pop vocals by a mystery chanteuse. While he’s given us plenty of emphatic trap tracks in the past, Off Guard is a brisk prancing banger that also sports a capering Jersey bounce. He says of the song: “This song was a breath of fresh air for me. Trying to avoid being dubbed as a singular genre artist and getting caught up in the monotony of making the same style of song over and over again, I wanted to show my versatility and my passion for creating varying styles of music. Off Guard is just that. A love that catches you off guard. falling for someone unexpectedly, and not necessarily being ready to receive it.” Stream/download Off Guard, here.

July 13, 2017

Thursday is giving Friday a run for the money for best day of the week. Not only is a Jaymes Young headlined Popscene on a Thursday night this time around, but SOFI TUKKER has presented us with new music! The Grammy nominated alt dance game changers from New York continue to buck trends and pave the way for genre bending creativity with Fuck They, a plump driving track with all the fiery confidence and defiant mettle that could be encapsulated in such a sublime dance track. Fuck They is spicy and sweet, all at once, a Brazilian bass, deep house, and feisty pop banger with endless swagger and an affirmed Jersey bounce. Sophie and Tucker explain that the ‘They’ in the song is “anything that holds you back from being who you are. Whoever ‘they’ is in your life / in your mind, Fuck They! Who’s they anyway?”  The single will be out tomorrow at all major retailers. 

June 6, 2017

Australian four piece Haiku Hands describes themselves as an elusive crew of artists who’s influence can be felt across live performance, visual art, and production. The intriguing quartet arrive with an edgy, ravey debut named Not About You. Dance, hip hop, and pop mesh as one on the high energy bop. It’s like a confluence of all that is manic electrifying and clamorous invigorating from The Ting Tings, CSS, Zebra Katz, and more, with a dose of Die Antwoord delirium and a hard Jersey bounce. Haiku Hands’ sassy, gutsy debut leaves us curious to learn more about the visual side of their artistry. They’ve been working with some of Australia’s finest writers and producers, such as El Gusto (Hermitude), Joelistics, Jaytee Hazard and Lewis Can Cut to form genre bending songs that span across a wide variety of genres. 

April 27, 2017

Long time fans of IHM know that we’ve been with The Chainsmokers since their earliest days, and though the bitterness and hate seems to be brewing strong regarding the pair now that they rule the world with their debut album, we will not partake in any of that negativity. Instead, let’s celebrate their recent collaboration with Coldplay, no strangers to controversy and backlashes themselves, by diving into a spectacular remix of Something Just Like This by New Jersey’s DJ 4B. His “4B Remix” is an exhilarating re-imagining of the dominating hit. It’s not unexpected that the track sports a high octane Jersey bounce considering where the producer hails from, but it’s finely balanced with atmospheric surges and sizzling chops. Snag the remix from hive, here.

February 13, 2017

We’re still ever so enraptured by Sydney producer Donatachi’s Mallrat featuring collaboration with Oh Boy, Bunny Island, but we quickly make room in our hearts for his feisty jolting, bubbly springing new treat, A/S/L. This playful puckering future pop jam features vocals by fellow Australians Tashka and Blair de Milo, and it’s a slick and animated burst of crisp, Jersey bouncing energy. A Danny L Harle like sugary whimsicality and a Brenmar like spryness is suffused with throwback R&B vibes and sultry hip hop feels. Snag the track for free, here.

January 26, 2017

If it’s some brain rattling, skull quivering excitement that you crave, ask and you shall receive. Fizzy foaming, future chopping Jersey Club twirls us round and round till we’re punch drunk in love with the high octane thrills that ooze endlessly out of this one. LA’s Bianca Oblivion and Akira Akira team up to give Shiftee’s Go Preemee featuring Svpreme Ink a sleek stuttering, glossy jittering rework. This tangy biting banger premiered on Nest HQ. Akira Akira and Bianca Oblivion’s remix will be out on February 3rd. Pre-order from iTunes.