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April 26, 2018

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler together on one exquisitely moving song. Really, need I say more? The world is by far “Better Off” now that the two East Coast singer songwriters and producers have united on the twilight ballad, a heart-string tugging, melancholic stirring lament about star-crossed lovers and calamitous love. Chelsea Cutler’s wispy, supple voice and Jeremy Zucker’s poignant crooning transfix us beautifully from a lush ethereal sonic pasture sown with tender guitar strums and softly chiseled, gently floating beats. A sad yet blissful sigh escapes the lips as the final notes of this impeccable tear-jerker fades away. Better Off is available from major outlets, here.

April 7, 2018

Jeremy Zucker is back at it again with his newest song ‘all the kids are depressed’. We’ve previously featured ‘Talk is Overrated’, ‘End’, and ‘Ghosts’, and this one does not disappoint. Well, it does make it us a little sad when we internalize the song and wonder how many of us are depressed kids wondering what the hell we’re doing with our lives. I mean just today I was thinking about exes and now I’m home drinking too much. Everybody’s just trying to figure their shit out and pretend things are okay. We may be scared, but at least we’re here. What’s life without a little fear? 

November 14, 2017

Late last month, Jersey based singer songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker released his four track EP, Idle, which includes previously featured End and his much lauded collaboration with blackbear, Talk Is Overrated. Let’s take a moment to appreciate song number two, Ghosts, a melter of an alt R&B and soulful pop ballad with crisp hip hop undertones and an expansive electronic atmosphere. At the forefront of the moving song is Jeremy Zucker’s velvety smooth yet gritty emotive voice. His EP Idle has certainly shaped up to be a deeply moving experience, kind of like EDEN and Lido, but more spacious and voluminous. Idle is available from iTunes, here.

September 23, 2017

Endings are always sad. That’s how I feel, anyway. From as long as I could remember, the transition of time, the closing of one chapter into another (even if it’s something I looked forward to) carried with it a poignancy. So when I saw the title of this next song, I was filled with a sort of sadness, too. End comes from 21 year old New Jersey based singer songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker, who’s making quite a name for himself with his melting crooning and deeply moving music. The soulful pop and chill electronic song, a heart wrenching ode to heartbreak, comes on the heels of his successful EPs Bach Island and Breathe in 2015, as well as his 2016 EP Motions. It joins Jeremy’s song with blackbear, Talk Is Overrated, on his next EP out October 27th. 

July 20, 2017

I must agree with Jeremy Zucker that talk is overrated, so let’s just get to the core of it all, the music. The enigmatic urban pop artist has been making waves in the scene these last few years, racking up stupendous amounts of streams with his songs and several EPs. He partners up with illustrious artist blackbear on new single Talk Is Overrated to deliver a seamless R&B pop balance of organic and electronic elements. Soft hip hop beats, harp like flitters, and emotive guitar coddle the song’s raw affecting vocals. Talk Is Overrated is available from major retailers, here.