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December 13, 2017

Jeneaux just turned in a stellar performance on his remix of Portugal. the Man’s chart dominating single Feel It Still, which you can check out, here, and now the NYC producer is at it again. This time around, he gives us a fresh original named Sentiments, featuring soulful alt crooner Bryce Fox on incendiary vocals. The future funk and soulful pop banger is a powerhouse anthem, brimming with emotive force and anthemic choruses. Jenaux states that this record was very special to him. He made it two years ago, but couldn’t release it for a long time because of contractual obligations. We can finally stream/download Sentiments, here.

December 7, 2017

We’ve been touting Portugal. the Man’s Feel It Still as one of the best tracks of the year, so it’s been very vindicating to watch my favorite American psych rock band get nominated for a Grammy for the funky swaggering jam, which has now become the most ubiquitous and omnipresent hit of 2017. Over the course of the past several months, an insane amount of ridiculously good remixes of Feel It Still have surfaced in the music scene. But there’s always room for one more brilliant rendition, particularly when its this edit by NYC’s Jenaux. Feel It Still gets some chill dreamy feels on the languorous future funk re-work. It’s a brassy playful, jazzy chic romp with smooth glossy corners and luscious synths. Grab it for free, here.

October 21, 2016

It’s been a moment since the last Jenaux original, but the NYC producer has returned in flamboyant style with a spirited new banger named I Want Your Love, featuring glamorous vocals by Londoner Bryn Christopher. This sizzling tune doles out plenty of funky fire, breakbeat thrills, and electro bounce. I Want Your Love is this scintillating producer’s first release after having signed to legendary label Ministry Of Sound, and what an inferno of sonic rapture it is. You have all our love, Jenaux, especially after this flashy thriller. I Wnat Your Love will be out on Ministry of Sound tomorrow, October 20th.

August 15, 2016

Broken is an epic alliance that brings together so many amazing artists. The stirring electronic anthem comes by way of Austin duo Tritonal and NYC’s Jenaux, but it also features vocally gifted American Idol superstar Adam Lambert. Broken was also written by New York R&B pop talent Lauv and his buddy Madison Emiko. As I said, this melodically endearing, honeyed glowing summer dance hit is the result of some phenomenal teamwork. It’s also a smorgasbord of electronica, its glimmering pieces formed from a prismatic palette ranging from electro to progressive house, all stippled copiously with with buoyant future vibes and effervescent pop. Broken will be on Tritonal’s Painting With Dreams album, out September 9th on Enhanced Music. Pre-order from iTunes.

May 23, 2016

The other day, we dove into a remix of 3LAU’s Is It Love, featuring Yeah Boy, by Arty together, which I mentioned was one of several tracks on a new remix package out now. NYC’s Jenaux is responsible for one of the other splendid remixes on this package, and tonight, we’re going to dance, imbibed on the sweeping euphoria emanating from producer’s future funky edit. Dreamy smooth build ups alternate with vibrant bursts of guitar and synth driven vitality. Grab the remix from various outlets, here

May 3, 2016

NYC based producer Jenaux has kept us dancing with magnificent remixes in the recent past, but today, he puts out his first original in almost a year, a funky fresh jam named Get It On. Well, yes, Jenaux, we will. In fact, we can’t help ourselves but to get it on to your epic electro house original, one that ventures deep into French house territory. Jenaux feels like though he was garnerning support from amazing producers like Armin, Tiesto, and Above & Beyond, he was chasing trends rather than setting them. With Get It On, Jenaux certainly creates a brassy new soulful sound for others to chase instead. He gives off some C2C meets Pretty Lights vibes on this smashing new tune. Get It On is a free download for 48 hours, here, so get on it, quick.

April 8, 2016

Remixes of The Chainsmokers continue to roll in on a near daily basis, but when I saw the name Jenaux on this one, I knew I had to set everything aside and give it my full attention. Not that there was any chance of my mind straying away from the NYC based producer’s remix of Daya featuring Don’t Let Me Down, not at all. Jenaux gives the song a breathtaking makeover, one that bubbles over with frisky and showy funk. Daya’s voice seems sweeter than ever on the horn dapper electro house remix, leaving me wondering who on earth would ever let her down? Download Jeneaux’s remix for free, here.

January 24, 2016

It’s Sunday morning, you’re hungover or just plain exhausted from having the time of your life and going hard for the past two nights. Who else but Jenaux is going to live your spirits and refresh your soul with some lit bass and brisk beats? The NYC based producer gets electro funky on his latest track, a remix of Mr. Rogers’ infectious I’ll Take You. It’s a colorful profusion of zings and snaps on the slamming track, available as part of the I’ll Take You remix package out now on iTunes via Big Beat Records.

December 10, 2015

Elephante used to give us endless incredible electronic remixes, but now that the Los Angeles production talent has commenced to regale us with spectacular originals, it’s his music that’s been getting phenomenal remixes instead. Age Of Innocence, his uplifting Trouze & Damon Sharpe featuring progressive & electro beauty, has been remixed by NYC’s Jenaux. The new edit starts out with a breathtaking, heart stirring melodic beauty before launching full force into dazzling funk permeated electro splendor. Jenaux calls it “big room funk”, and big is an understatement. This is massive and sweeping. Download Jenaux’s remix for free, here.

October 27, 2015

Kygo original Nothing Left, featuring vocals by Will Heard, is undoubtedly deeply hooking. NYC based producer Jenaux injects the soulful tropical house jam with progressive and electro energy as well as additional funky guitar, capitalizing on the original’s infectious vocals to create a thrilling dance jam. You’ll be hard pressed not to be whisked away by the “big room funk” banger. Clap along and get dancing, kid. Free download, here.