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May 17, 2018

You know when you’ve partied too hard and you feel like you’re done with the scene, but your friends aren’t and they’re still trying to twist your arm into going back out? That hasn’t really happened to me in a long time, since, one, I don’t party that much nowadays, and two, I’m the one who actually goes out more than many of my buddies who have started families and are locked down at home. But Marble Skies brings it all back with his brand new song 5am. The 21 year old singer and producer from North London, well known for his expertise in 2-step and jazzy bass lines, returns with much electro-soulful, funky curling panache on the guitar soaked, satiny vocals steeped single. 

5am draws upon his personal experiences of going out to pubs, clubs and parties constantly during his last year at university and not having a great time.  The lyrics describe just going along with things your friends want to do like staying up all night at parties even though you don’t want to. He says: “I think it’s so easy to just get dragged along with things, to the point of having a really bad time but just pretending because you’re with your friends. I’m not very good at saying no to things. I really love singing this song and it connects with me personally every time.” Snag the suave jam, here.

May 11, 2018

Every time a new Maths Time Joy track surfaces, I know we’re in for quite the spectacular sonic experience. The Grammy-nominated UK producer & songwriter always links up with superb vocalists on his singles. Misunderstood is no different. Los Angeles neo-soul songstress Asal Hazel joins the producer on the track, intertwining her chiffon voice with his buttery crooning. Their vocals dance seductively over Maths Time Joy’s gooey ravishing bed of dreamy synths and slow burning funk guitar. Misunderstood is the latest track to be released off Maths Time Joy’s Sunset Motel EP. Stream prior releases on Soundcloud, here.

March 13, 2018

There are songs we encounter that we like, but we have to mull over whether we have time to share the track. Then there’s songs like Episode, which strike us so deeply that we immediately know, it’d be a crime to let your ears miss out on this ooey gooey goodness. Episode is a snazzy swaggering and slick swooning cut from Spazz Cardigan, who was raised on a diet of N’Sync and Michael Jackson before discovering Queen at the young age of 10. This sparked his determination to create and perform. The Louisville bred artist is a classically trained piano player who also taught himself to play guitar, bass, and drums. It’s hard not to find ourselves falling for the culmination of his long nurtured love for music, as heard through the funky pop and soulful electronica found on Episode. Keep your eyes on Spazz Cardigan, as he has a whole lot more in store for us on the horizon. 

March 8, 2018

Both Marble Empire and Katya DJ are fresh on our radar, but they sure make sweet sound together on Head Above The Water. Marble Empire is a British producer and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in 2-step and jazzy bass lines. He melds his electro-soulful sonic skills with Katya DJ’s fierce and smoldering voice on the swanky sublime jam, which also features some blazing Tom Misch-like guitar riffs. You’ll be hard pressed not to nod along and tap your feet to this rhythmic smoldering dazzler. No lie, I’m grooving out in my chair right now as I type this. Stream/download Head Above The Water, here.

March 8, 2018

It always blows my mind that some artists have the time to tend to both a solo career and projects with other gifted artists. Both SAKIMA and AObeats are busy musicians. SAKIMA just released his vibrant synthpop track Death Is In The Air

a few weeks ago. As for talented producer AObeats, he just signed with TEN Music Group & Kobalt Music the other day. Yet, they’ve both found time to reunite as dynamic post-EDM duo SWIMS to give us Over Me, on which the pair again wed their individual styles to perfection. SAKIMA’s smooth sultry crooning glides over jazzy keys and AObeats’ mesmeric future beats production to create a snazzy simmering, airy flickering pop track. There’s no getting over Over Me, that’s for sure. Over Me is available via major platforms, here.

January 17, 2018

Sam Fischer holds our hearts in the palms of his hands as he serenades us and caresses us with soulful pop on Smoke. The Australian-born, Los Angeles-based musician is preparing to release his debut EP Not A Hobby this Friday, January 19th. In anticipation of its arrival comes Smoke, a laid back and heartfelt ballad adorned with jazzy brass and saccharine melting lyrics. It’s an unpretentious and earnest heartrender with warm, earthy guitars and a light, balmy beat. Sam Fischer’s new single was produced by Jamie Hartman (Rag’n’Bone Man) and co-written with Lindy Robbins (Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Hudson, Brittney Spears). This sort of song-crafting pedigree and professional confidence

is more proof in the pudding that this Berklee trained musician is a rising star. No doubt his first EP is going to make an indelible impression in the pop scene later this month. Plus, who can resist Sam’s smooth, silky cooing? You can also stream Smoke via Spotify, here.

January 9, 2018

I have a Patagonia jacket, but I can’t say that Patagonia is my favorite brand even though I’m an outdoor enthusiast. Most of their products lean towards substance over style, and style does matter, no matter what some people might say. When it comes to both substance and style, we turn to UK trio Patawawa, and their Patagonia, a chic and sexy nu-disco meets electro-funk jam that’s a booty shaking must. The three cool cats blend glittery riffs, sleek synths, and punchy beats on their snazzy sharp disco banger, which exudes a whole lot of retro charm, too. Niles Rodgers would approve of Patagonia’s glamorous riffs and bouncy bass. Patagonia is lifted from Patawawa’s new Bedroom EP, out January 18th on Splinter. Pre-order, here

December 22, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner, and our long time love affair with Brooklyn’s POP ETC only grows stronger as the trio, formerly from my beloved college town of Berkeley, drenches us with holiday nostalgia on an EP named ‘A POP ETC Christmas’. It’s a three track release from the indie band on which they cover some seasonal classics and offer up a new original. As someone who grew up watching the various Charlie Brown specials that would always hit the television around this time of year, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards POP ETC’s dreamy chill version of Christmas Time Is Here, from Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special. Stream the mellow treat via Spotify above, or Soundcloud below. The EP’s original track is a perky strumming, warm embracing gem named All I Want For Xmas (Just My Baby). POP ETC also covers Paul McCartneys’ Wonderful Christmastime. Stream those tracks below alongside the Soundcloud stream for the Charlie Brown cover. Lead singer Chris Chu says about the EP: ‘Since I was a kid I always loved Christmas songs. I fell in love with Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack from an early age and I’ve listened to it every Christmas I can remember. I’ve always had the idea of trying to record a few Christmas songs myself, but for some reason or another things always got too busy around the holidays and I lost track of it… until now!” The EP is available from iTunes, here.

December 22, 2017

Of course, Bruno Major would have the perfect voice and intimate artistry to deliver a sublime holiday canticle. I can’t wait to finally see the UK singer songwriter and producer live when he finally makes his way across the pond to perform as part of Noise Pop Festival next February, and now I get to melt into this cozy snug, satin nuzzling song over Christmas, too! Romance is in the air as we sway to I Think It Must Be Christmas, a mellow strumming, jazzy velutinous song. Even Santa would take a moment away from his busy duties on Christmas morning to drift away to the velveteen lullaby. Find out about Bruno Major’s North American tour in early 2018, here. And if you’ve yet to listen to his outstanding debut album A Song For Every Moon, stream it, here.

November 2, 2017

Though this track’s been liquefying hearts and steaming up the air for most of a month, it would be egregious to let Darling I Missed Your Call slip through the cracks. Frisky, sexy brass and James Chatburn’s luscious rich voice make this a staggering swooner. The Australian singer songwriter and producer takes a moment from his tour with Jordan Rakei to deliver his best Casanova impression on the R&B funk and electro-soul jam, a snazzy dasher you can purchase, here. Darling I Missed Your Call is a must for fans of Tom Misch and Fortunes.