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May 19, 2018

It really doesn’t get much better than Me & You ◑. I mean, seriously…. HONNE and Tom Misch, on one song together? I think my life is fulfilled now that the two UK projects have united to give us a delectably grooving swathe of velveteen electro-soul and jazzy strings. We celebrated when HONNE returned last month with two new tunes after spending much of the past couple of years working quietly on their next album. And now, this?! My heart can’t take it! HONNE even offers up a fabulous music video to go with the song, featuring a dance troupe in what looks to be South Korea. Dashing Tom Misch turns in molten guitars on the uptempo swooner. HONNE’s next album Love Me/ Love Me Not will be out sometime this summer. Our eyes are peeled for a release date and pre-order details.

Me & You ◑ is available, here.

April 26, 2018

Kentucky newcomer Brennan Villines arrives with confidence on swaggering first song Bad Habit. He’s a smooth operator with that soulful voice of his, and his snazzy smoldering R&B soul debut oozes steamy sexiness. Rich in brass and rife with melting strings, Bad Habit is that Tom Misch and Bruno Major union you’ve always wanted, with a dash of Justin Timberlake’s wily charm, too. Brennan explains: “Bad Habit came into fruition as a result of my experience with my bad habit. Also any song I can slide an Office reference into I’m happy about.” This swooning introduction to the singer songwriter is taken from Brennan Villines’ debut EP Make It Work, a deeply personal project which tells his honest story and experience with a specific relationship that turned his life upside down through drug addiction. Brennan worked with Benny Reiner on the record, a Grammy Award winning musician who is an original member of the Hamilton cast and has worked with the likes of LAUV and Berhana. Keep up with Brennan Villines via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

March 24, 2018

There’s no possible way a new Marian Hill song could surface without us giving it some love here on IHM. We have less than two months to go before the duo release their sophomore album, and we also can’t wait to catch them at Coachella and on tour in San Francisco. The platinum-certified Philadelphia project spellbinds us as they tend to do with new song Differently. Slinky beats and wily bass are interspersed spaciously across the snazzy song, making it a mischievous pouncing, sensual prowling new Marian Hill treat that we can’t put down. Differently was produced by Marian Hill and notable Canadian producer Boi-1da (Drake, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey). The duo also recently released a short episode for Differently as part of their ten one-minute visual series which conceptualizes each song off forthcoming album Unsual. Watch the episode for Differently below. Sophomor ealbum Unusual drops on May 11th. Pre-order, here, if you haven’t already done so like we have. Visit their website, here, for spring tour dates. 

February 9, 2018

Nilüfer Yanya blew our minds last year when the young London artist made a stunning debut on Small Crimes, a tender and atmospheric downtempo soul ballad that brought together a myriad of sounds we love from the likes of Daughter, Låpsley, Nina Simone, Jorja Smith, and Lianne La Havas. We immediately named her an artist to watch and she hasn’t disappointed since. Re-visit our feature of Small Crimes, here. This week, Nilüfer Yanya is back with a gently sashaying jazz-pop and R&B soul number named Thanks 4 Nothing. Her mellow and honeyed vocals dance weightlessly across the song’s delicate but fancy guitar curls. Thanks 4 Nothing is a soft and jazzy late night ballad, but it marches its way towards steadfast resolution, too. Watch Nilüfer Yanya’s music video for Thanks 4 Nothing below. The single is out now on Blue Flowers and ATO Records. Find it via major outlets, here.

December 23, 2017

Berlin based Toronto alt R&B/soul artist Sway Clarke all but disappeared from the scene lately, despite having made an indelible imprint on us with his intoxicating soundscapes and creamy smooth voice in past years. Turns out, he was having some issues with his label, but he’s now taken back the wheel of his career with a phenomenal new indie soul and electro R&B ballad named Either Way. It’s an intricate and ornate, lavish and turbulent song, woven with a jaw dropping attention to detail and an engrossing unpredictability. Experimental and jazzy permeation adds to Either Way’s sophistication. Sway Clarke explains of the new single: 

“Either Way is just about having options, but still feeling stuck as fuck. It’s like when you find out your partners been peeping your homie, and as mad as you want to get you know you ain’t leaving them. A tragic beauty.” Well we don’t want to let go of Sway Clarke, and we hope this return marks a fresh new chapter of brilliantly crafted new music to come. You can also stream Either Way via Spotify, here.

September 18, 2017

LEISURE is on a roll. After a long absence from the scene, the New Zealand collective seems primed and ready to pump out a whole lot of stellar music. Just last week, they gave us a dreamy swirling R&B soul gem named Alone Together. Now, they’re back with another song named Money, and who doesn’t love money? Especially when it comes to jazzy swooning, silky smooth sonic currency like this debonair tune? I can feel goosebumps rising on my skin as buttery perfection snakes its way through my ears from this swanky grooving jam. LEISURE sure knows how to woo us with their dusky, gooey alt R&B, electro soul, and spacey funk. 

August 16, 2017

I’m sure we all remember Kisses, the Los Angeles based indie band who last put out a full length a year ago named Rest In Paradise. So, what have they been up to since? Well, I don’t know about the rest of the band, but Jesse Kivel has embarked on a new solo adventure under his given name. On October 6th, he’ll be releasing his debut EP, Content, a five track release that will be out on his own label New feelings (US) & Rallye (Japan). The announcement arrives with lead single LA Story, a sleek dreamy, chiffon wafting, and cool languid groover with plenty of snazzy brass and svelte cooing. Its jazzy R&B and chill disco almost feels like Damon Albarn gone Electric Guest, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi, with a hefty helping of Bossa nova breeziness. Pre-order Jesse Kivel’s debut EP, here.

August 4, 2017

Astronomyy’s Falling Autumn was the first time we ever heard of a Brooklyn chanteuse named Alayna. She lent her finespun vocals to the song, and that delicate and supple voice left us shivering in tender bliss. Fast forward nearly half a year, and this striking new artist has made her official debut with a silky melting single named High On You. Its gently caressing soul and elegantly fluttering R&B truly leaves us high, as if floating on a soft swaying breeze. A touch of future bass surges ever gingerly on the song, almost like What So Not and George Maple, or Flume and Kai, gone super fleecy and light, dreamy and ethereal. It’s no wonder the song’s soundscape is so breathtakingly beautiful. On production duty is ever brilliant Maths Time Joy. But it’s obvious who the star of the show is… Alayna’s immaculate vocals. High On You is out now via 20XX. Purchase from iTunes, here.

July 20, 2017

joji, whom many know as viral internet sensation Pink Guy, is having a heckuva summer. His buzz has grown magnitudes stronger over the course of the past few months after his last single I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time reached number one on Soundcloud streaming charts and accumulated five million streams. And he teamed up with game changing Chinese rappers Higher Brothers as a guest vocalist on their recent single Nomadic, released in conjunction with an Adidas NMD campaign. The booming New Yorker adds to his momentum with a gorgeous new tune named “rain on me”. The jazzy chill, melodious swooning downtempo electronica track features tender harmonic vocals and a warm, comforting earnestness. It may be the dead of summer right now, but a “rainy night in” is always welcome in my books. joji offers us a snug and cozy accompaniment for the evening.

July 4, 2017

Maryland’s Abdou is the front man behind the band Dirty Du & The Boyz, and he’s received attention after being featured in VH1′s 2014 “Make A Band Famous” competition, but he’s now woos us with jazzy chill R&B soul on solo ballad Called Me, produced by Kojo A. It’s obvious Abdou is heavily influenced by 90′s R&B. With Called Me, he paints a vivid picture about a love that has gone bad and how old feelings arise after receiving a phone call from a prior lover. It’s a mellow swooner and a silky heart string tugger.  Called Me is out on iTunes, here.