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July 25, 2015

Los Angeles’ Little Wolves in on a roll with their music this summer. From fantastic originals produced by RAC to remixes like this one, they’re providing us a steady stream of captivating and arresting music. Their latest gift for us is a remix of their darkly upbeat electropop song Lost My Mind by Lovelife’s Jaxon Frank. Capitalizing on that darkness, Jaxon Frank takes Lost My Mind in a more simmering and moody direction with a pensively glitchy and meditatively choppy indie electronic makeover. Edgy beats and sparse atmosphere gives Little Wolves’ vocals an extra haunting effect. 

April 17, 2015


It’s only the middle of the month, which means droves of impatient Oh Wonder fans still have two weeks to go before the endearing UK duo reveals their next new song. But in the interim, we get to listen to some amazing remixes of songs released thus far, and I have a new one for you that will have you enjoying Oh Wonder in a whole new, unexpected way. Oh Wonder’s Technicolour Beat gets a mellow hip hop meets spacey electronic remix, courtesy of a new producer named Jaxon Frank, who some may know as Frank Colucci of Lovelife. The producer even enlists rising hip hop artist Wes Period on the future bass styled, atmospheric edit. The rapper from California delivers some mesmerizing, on point verses, adding to the track’s entrancing, simmering mood. Altogether, the two artists have created a grittier, shadowy Technicolour Beat. It’s deeply hypnotic and infinitely haunting. This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated. Wes Period’s single Highs & Lows from earlier this year was in fact, produced by Lovelife. Jaxon Frank’s synthy style and Wes Period’s raw delivery complement each other thoroughly.