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May 16, 2018

We’ve been following along with GRMLN since the project was a one person project, helmed by San Francisco musician Yoodoo Park. The music Yoodoo and his brother serve up is part 90s Dinosaur Jr slacker rock, part Day Wave surf pop, and a whole lot of sun-kissed, blissed out nostalgia. Later this month, GRMLN will officially release a new EP named Explore II. Drift Away is its opening track, a dreamy jangling, dulcet strumming lo-fi bedroom delight that oozes endless West Coast charm. You can listen to Explore II on Bandcamp, here, or Spotify, here.

April 27, 2018

Songs like Cinnamon and Synthetic Romance were some of our favorite indie songs of 2016. Cullen Omori’s debut album New Misery was also a much beloved record that year. We’ve since been wondering where the ex-Smith Westerns member has gone, but news of a show in San Francisco next month was a clue that something new was coming our way. Sure enough, the Chi-town indie rocker has blasted back onto the scene with a brand new track entitled Four Years. Once again, we find ourselves utterly enthralled by his twangy jangling heart-on-the-sleeve rock, a sun-kissed and dreamy concoction laced with love-struck angst. In his own words, “the song is meant to be an exchange of perceptions: a duet except sung by one person. The first verse deals with the conviction and singular determination needed to end the relationship. The second verse is the reactionary response to what is usually an unexpected upset to a familiar and welcomed status quo.” You can find Four Years on Apple Music, here. For details regarding Cullen Omori’s tour next month with The Gloomies, head to Sub Pop, here

March 21, 2018

Also on our latest “catch-up” playlist of tunes we wanted to share is Swings and Roundabouts, a truly swinging indie sojourn with Brighton outfit JUMANJI. Its vivacious African-infused indie rock is absolutely contagious, a bit like Viola Beach’s rambunctiously endearing rock infused with Al Bairre’s jangly guitar pop. It might not be spring yet, but JUMANJI sure reminds us of warmer days and shenanigans with your best pals with this ecstatic swishing, playful wagging tune. For more of the rising band’s music, check out their prior singles on Soundcloud, here

February 24, 2018

SPINN spins us round and round with their surfy jangling indie rock on new single Who You Are, even giving us a taste of angular post-punk on the dreamy glistening gem. We get a whiff of DIIV and Wild Nothing on the bright and buoyant sparkler, whose softly gnarled guitars and elastic drums are accompanied by witty lyrics. 

“Who You Are is a love letter to all the posers of the world,” muses lead singer Jonny, “I think that everyone is a poser in their own way, like it or not at one point or another we’ve all pretended to be something were not.” Identity crises aside, I know myself well enough to know that I really love this new SPINN charmer. The Liverpudlian band is in the midst of a UK tour. They’ll be dropping a new EP on April 6th.

February 24, 2018

Some might think that having a dreamy actor like Dylan Minnette (aka Clay Jensen from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, among other roles) is a gimmick to bring extra attention to a budding rock band, but this can’t be further from the truth. I had the pleasure of catching Wallows last month on the very first show of their very first tour at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and they were incredible. Dylan swapped lead vocals with Cole Preston, killed it on guitar, and the whole band put on a fantastic rock show for the packed, sold out crowd. Sure, there were fans there who were obviously present so they could scream their lungs out for Dylan, but even they were obviously caught up in the tide of Wallows’ bona fide music, a contagiously chugging, dusty crunching blend of indie rock and guitar pop. As the deserved buzz continues to rise on Wallows and the band prepare to hit SXSW next month, Wallows shares a new song and video named Pictures Of Girls. Nostalgic curling guitars, propulsive drums, and beach-ready vintage Hollywood charm permeate the peppy tune, lifted from Wallows’ forthcoming Spring EP, due out when else, but spring. Download/stream the fine addition to the blooming outfit’s repertoire, here. Catch Wallows on the rest of their winter tour, details can be found, here. And get ready for a fine night bopping along to their music and some sweet surprise covers, too (keeping mum, not going to spoil it). 

January 31, 2018

D.C. power pop and jangle rock trio Jukebox the Ghost have sprung forth with a vivacious new tune, accompanied by news of a fresh album, too. Off To The Races arrives March 30th, and new single Everybody’s Lonely is a whimsically lilting alt anthem hyper charged with big piano chords and ebullient vocals. It’s a larger than life dazzler with hints of Jack Antonoff (fun., Bleachers), Queen, and even some early cabaret-inspired Panic! At The Disco jubilantly flowing through its emphatic notes and robust keys. The single is available from iTunes, here. We’ll be looking forward to Jukebox the Ghost’s fifth studio album with much fervor. 

January 31, 2018

British indie rockers Gengahr put forth an excellent debut album named A Dream Outside back in summer of 2015, and now they’re in the midst of rolling out fine tunes off of a sophomore album due to arrive in March. We somehow missed out on this news despite our fondness for their dreamy melodic rock, but today we hop on Gengahr’s third single from Where Wildness Grows with much zeal. Before Sunrise is a lightly jaunty, mellow curling anthem topped off with Gengahr’s sublime falsetto styled vocals. It’s like a cross between Local Natives and Sundara Karma, an airy gleaming ode to the weightless relief and simplicity of losing yourself in the night, before all the worries and noise of daytime beset you again. You can pre-order Gengahr’s second album, here, before it arrives on March 9th.

January 16, 2018

I hope I never get caught in an avalanche, unless it’s this Avalanche of melodic jingling indie rock, from Foresteater, a Phoenix based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose real name is Mikey Pro. He proves himself more than a “pro” on his new track, a bright whirling, glossy slick slice of lush harmonies and chirpy drums. Avalanche’s ever shifting, endlessly bustling array of fervid vocals and crunchy guitars are irresistibly foot-tapping, head-wagging ready. You can listen to more Foresteater on Soundcloud, here.

September 20, 2017

There’s nothing better than a warm dose of surf rock sunshine and jangle pop bliss, which is exactly what Swimming Tapes seems to have perfected on the English band’s latest single Alison. A dreamy nostalgic gust of glistening guitars and dewy vocals washes in with the tide as the slightest hint of angular post-punk keeps us on our sand kissed toes. Hints of Beach Fossils, DIIV, Day Wave, and Wild Nothing can be found in this sublime gem. Alison was the final track revealed ahead of the release of Swimming Tapes’ sophomore EP Soft Sea Blue last Friday. You can grab the single from iTunes, here. Their new EP is out on B3SCI.

September 19, 2017

I usually prefer my flowers fresh and alive rather than molded out of plastic, except, apparently, when it comes to this project, the brainchild of London based musician George Samaras. Plastic Flowers just announced the release of a new record named Absent Forever, and it’ll be coming out on November 10th digitally and on 12″ vinyl. How Can I is a ravishing taste off the release, a sprawling eruption of widescreen shoegaze and a glistening burst of intimate dream pop that feels like a blissed out mix of Slowdive with Day Wave. Plastic Flowers explains that his forthcoming album will feature uptempo bass lines, jangly guitars, blissful melodies, and acoustic drum kits. “Imagine very early Slowdive stuff, but with a touch of joy and hope from the C86 era. Sessions of Absent Forever were completed in four months in 2017 and the album comprises of ten tracks that have been around my hard drive in demo form since early 2013. For this album I recorded myself onto tape in different DIY spaces around London, including a friend’s old house in Hampstead and my small home studio.” Pre-order Absent Forever, here.