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November 22, 2017

When this song is over, you’ll want to “Start Over Again” and jump right back into its resplendent deep house and glimmering nu-disco, which feel like they has a cosmic reach and a boundless scope despite their snazzy, swanky warmth. Start Over Again comes from a new two track pack that UK producer JackLNDN just released earlier this month on Ultra. It’s a mesmeric dazzler and aureate burbling swooner with fleecy pilose vocals. You can check out the rest of JackLNDN’s new EP on Soundcloud, here, and stream dreamy chic Feels Like Home, too. Stream via alternate outlets or purchase the EP, here.

October 20, 2017

Sultry soulful vocals by UK singer songwriter Georgia Ku entice us into the synth whirling, beat humming world that is JackLNDN’s club ready, chic swinging new jam, Bones. Groove to the respected Londoner’s luxuriantly pumping deep house and twirl to its swanky future chops & dashing disco strut. Classy sophistication abounds on this refined banger. JackLNDN’s Bones is available now, here.

May 4, 2017

Truly amazing remixes of Norwegian band Klangstof’s profound pieces continue to roll in as jackLNDN joins the ranks of Autograf and Catching Flies with his superb edit of We Are Your Receiver. The British producer infuses the meditative track with a sleek snazzy bounce, turning it into a thoroughly intoxicating deep house and future beats hybrid. The lavish banger is a free download, here.

November 15, 2016

A bevy of amazing remixes have just been unleashed as a stellar package for Hotel Garuda’s frothy infectious, feisty jolting collaboration with Violet Days, Fixed On You. Among the edits comes a lavish rippling rendition by British producer JackLNDN, who straight crushes it with his swanky take on the tune. JackLNDN inundates us with a resplendent cascade of house and future vibes. You’ll never want to leave this cocoon of flushed splendor. The Fixed On You package out on PRMD also features can’t miss remixes by Aire Atlantica, Taiki Nulight, and Masayoshi limori. Stream and purchase, here.

December 2, 2015

It’s been nearly half a year since Zimmer dropped his lightly bouncing, softly shimmering song Coming Of Age, featuring satin vocals by Norwegian talent Emilie Adams. Now, we get to revisit that spellbinding nu-disco confection but accompanied by deep luscious bass and intoxicating wobbles. British producer JackLNDN has remixed Coming Of Age, giving it a deep house transformation with touches of opulent Flight Facilities meets marimba laden Autograf. The edit is part of a remix pack available now on iTunes via Roche Musique.

July 24, 2015

JackLNDN brings mad funk and soul vibes on All I See, the British producer’s debut deep house single on behemoth dance label Ultra. Its flirtatiously snappy beat and smooth vocals are charmingly irresistible, leading me to prance and strut all over my living room. Daft Punk meets Slaptop on the indie dance meets full on electronica jam. All I See will be out on Ultra at midnight (July 24th). 

June 11, 2015

There’s no doubt that SIVIK is one of the most exciting acts to arise out of  the plentiful pool of talent emerging from Los Angeles these days. Ever since his debut, High, a few months ago, he’s been giving us magnificently addicting pop music, lead by SIVIK’s melting R&B vocals. SIVIK’s dynamic second song U Got goes lusciously buoyant and tartly whimsical on a spectacular remix turned in by British producer JackLNDN, who does some tweaking with the chord progressions to create that entrancing, thrilling effect. It’s a pumping, grooving house edit that demands you get up and dance. The original is from SIVIK’s debut Spring Collection EP, available now on iTunes.

March 24, 2015

British producer JackLNDN just released a dope new tune named Fooled Around. It’s the last track from his Summer Never Ends EP, which is free for grabs, and despite its name, there’s no fooling around here. The track is a luscuious nu-disco tinged treat with a chill vibe, not unlike some of Flight Facilities tunes that I love so much. 

January 31, 2015

New Austrian act James Hersey’s single What I’ve Done goes slick and buoyant on a fresh remix by British producer JackLNDN. It’s another one to add to the always growing list of splendid summer house jams that make it near impossible to ever feel downcast. Textured future bass flavors pair with the song’s bouncy house to create a oasis of lush joy. The original soulful, folksy, and tropical treat can be streamed below, via its video. James Hersey has been supporting Milky Chance on the first leg of their US Tour and there are rumors brewing of a Kygo and DIllon Francis collaboration. Remember the name!

January 21, 2015

I believe I’ve already established in the past that Liverpool artist Låpsley’s recent single Falling Short is absolutely amazing and brilliant. It’s a moving, affecting, somber work of art from the acclaimed, BBC Sound of 2015 nominated act. For a slightly more upbeat and house flavored Falling Short, we turn to British producer JackLNDN, who remixes the track and gives it a sublime dose of lavish synths.