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May 18, 2018

One of my most epic evenings at SXSW this past March involved Cut Copy. It was the last night of my annual migration to Austin, and I had no idea what to do since most of my music buddies had already left. Serendipity brought me to the band’s headlining set on Rainey Street. I didn’t think I’d be able to get in to the show, since I expected a stupendously long line, but thanks to my music badge, I made it right in and danced to my heart’s content. And now, Cut Copy’s bassist Ben Browning has made a splendorous return with new solo music to keep me moving. We last heard from him two years ago when he dropped exuberant Friends Of Mine. Now he charms us aplenty with a new song appropriately named Sunshine Baby. It’s a golden luscious, sweetly candied, & kaleidoscopic twirling track that melds chromatic italo-wave with glamorous disco funk. Sunshine Baby will be on Ben Browning’s forthcoming sophomore album named Even Though. He says of his next  album, which arrives on June 22nd: “After listening to this record I hope people feel like they’ve gone on a smooth psychedelic journey through a colorful musical world. I wanted to create an album that people would want to play in their homes whilst cooking dinner or getting high and imagine what they’re hearing comes from a land created by Jim Henson – or perhaps they’re listening a lost George Harrison album recorded in the Caribbean and discovered on a VHS tape 30 years later."​​​​​​​

May 14, 2018

We’ve been in love with Kero Kero Bonito’s crisp and playful indie pop for a very long time. The British trio usually enthralles us with a sprightly and airy brand of electro-pop that seems much inspired by J-pop, but KKB has proceeded to delight us with a new direction in their latest music, and the change-up has only served to make us fall even harder for the band. A dreamier indie rock sound has curled its way into their last few songs, like on Cinema and Only Acting. This guitar hazy sound, which reminds us of the likes of Yumi Zouma and Men I Trust, continues on new charmer Time Today. The lo-fi indie pop bop (and it truly bops!) comes from Kero Kero Bonito’s next album Time ‘n’ Place, which we’re hoping will arrive soon. Time Today even sports a retro italo-wave phosphorescence that reminds me of some of M83′s music off their album Junk, as well as some of Phoenix’s more laid back and wavy tunes. Despite its peppy beat, Time Today is a languorous and soothing, dreamy and laid back confection, well worth a lot of your time, today or any other day. 

September 22, 2017

Beloved French pop band Yelle is about to embark on their new North American Club Party tour that will bring them to San Francisco late next month for three consecutive nights at the Rickshaw Stop joined by varying guests each night. It’s sure to be a sweaty dance affair as the duo drops their crisp modern dance pop and lively electro pop on us with much flamboyant energy. Rumors are afloat of a new album next year, but before that happens, Yelle is here with a new one off named Romeo via a music video replete with nostalgic vintage clips. A hint of Euro trance and plenty of Italo wave sleekness saturates Romeo. Let’s say we’re the Juliet to Yelle’s Romeo. Ticket info regarding Yelle’s Club Party tour can be found, here.

June 6, 2017

Today was a very fruitful day. I dug up quite a lot of jewels on my music discovering adventures outside of just sleuthing through the endless emails and submissions we receive. One such pearl that I encountered is a Parisian electronic musician named Tainsus, who harbors a strong penchant for 80′s synths and modern day samplers. Someone Who Looked Like You is his latest delectable concoction, and it’s absolutely sublime. Phoenix (particularly recent summer wavey Phoenix) meets 80′s synthwave and a dapper Electric Guest groove on the luxuriously smoldering, nostalgic simmering jam. Someone Who Looked Like You is available from Bandcamp, here. For more of Tainsus’ 80′s inspired synthcore meets French house, stream Stronger Together and A Polaroid Of Our Love below.

June 3, 2017

Phoenix’s new album Ti Amo drops in a week, and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun, judging from what we’ve heard off of it so far. The French veterans say that their new ful length is inspired by summer and Italian disco. Goodbye Soleil follows on prior reveals J-Boy and the album’s title track. It’s a sun drenched slice of dreamy electronica and synthpop. Phoenix is really indulging in the French house aspect of their music with their recent releases. Goodbye Soleil quickly reminds me of M83′s recent album Junk and Daft Punk’s lighter, airier fare. Ti Amo will be out June 9th via Glassnote Records.

April 28, 2017

I can’t get enough of the new Phoenix since it dropped yesterday. It’s literally left me smiling for hours on end. The French rock heroes are more lustrously vibrant than ever on J-Boy, a new wavey, italo disco-y, hyper jubilant, feverish glinting spectacular. It sparkles and twinkles, shimmers and swirls, twirling us around within its whirlpool of dizzying euphoria. J-Boy brings to mind some of M83′s tunes off recent album Junk. As it turns out, the long time, much loved French house purveyors have described their forthcoming album Ti Amo as being related to “summer and Italian discos”, so the M83 Junk comparison isn’t too far off the mark. A summer of effulgent italowave and retro disco sounds more than splendid to me. Ti Amo arrives on June 9th.