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May 18, 2018

It’s happened! It’s finally, finally happened! Barring another sudden delay (the last one being Valentine’s Day a few years ago, when Johnny Jewel reportedly destroyed the recordings due to being the perfectionist we’re glad he is), Chromatics’ Dear Tommy is on its way into our outstretched arms, uh, ears! The album is due to arrive this fall via Italians Do It Better, and this welcome news, worthy of much revelry, is accompanied by brand new single Black Walls. Sure, it hasn’t been a complete Chromatics drought these past few of years. After all, we were treated to the music Jewel wrote for Twin Peaks: The Return last year as well as the band’s delightful cameos on the show. But Dear Tommy has been a long time coming, and now Black Walls reminds us exactly why we’re going to be a forever fan of the band. Dark droopy synthpop and ominous italo-disco exude morbidly romantic, sweetly tortured vibes. As always, we lose ourselves in Ruth Radelet’s soft dreamy voice. We gladly stay there, lost in the Chromatics, as we wait for a definite release date for Dear Tommy.

July 7, 2017

The video for Nite Jewel’s heady single How It Was arrives just in time for the start of Ramona Gonzalez’s new headlining tour, which is kicking off this Friday at Popscene in San Francisco. How It Was is lifted off of Real Low, a new collection of B-sides from Nite Jewel’s critically acclaimed album Real High. The full collection is available from Bandcamp, here. The song can also be found on a her new Italians Do it Better 12″ EP, a gorgeous limited edition pink vinyl, available, here. Nite Jewel, ever renowned for her cutting edge electro R&B, has crafted quite the gossamer and diaphanous piece in How It Was. It’s utterly spellbinding, and feathery intoxicating. 

May 24, 2017

On Sunday night, Twin Peaks made its long awaited return to television, and it’s been as wonderfully twisted and befuddling a ride as expected, if not even more so than its first two seasons now that Lynch seems to have free reign to do as he pleases on the Showtime presented series. Long before its premiere, we learned that Johnny Jewel of the Chromatics would be soundtracking some of the series. In fact, he’s already released surprise album Windswept the other day, which includes plenty of cuts to be used on the series. Chromatics also closed out Sunday’s two part premiere with a beautiful performance of this gauzy swirling dream pop beauty, Shadow. It was a spectacular scene at the iconic Bang Bang Bar, which we’ve associated with legendary chanteuse Julee Cruise for the past 26 years. Johnny Jewel immediately dropped this video after that premiere. The gorgeous tribute to both David Lynch’s Blue Velvet and Julee Cruise is pure perfection. Shadow will be on the Chromatics’ long awaited and much delayed album Dear Tommy. Head over to Italians Do It Better to purchase Windswept digitally, or Shadows on 12″, here.

May 4, 2017

I’m still reeling from the news that just surfaced regarding how Johnny Jewel destroyed tens of thousands of CDs and vinyl after he had a near death experience a couple years ago. Those records were imprinted with that long awaited, highly anticipated new Chromatics album Dear Tommy, whose release date has been long delayed while the band has been apparently re-recording and perfecting the release. Though we’re still waiting for Dear Tommy, we get to enjoy some of Johnny Jewel’s production in HEAVEN’s It’s Not Enough. The song is this Italians Do It Better signed electronic band’s first single, and it comes with a mysterious video whose aesthetic goes perfectly the world’s fresh obsession with Twin Peaks and David Lynch. It’s Not Enough’s droopy darkwave and lavish synthcore is ghostly and foggy, gossamer and wispy… There’s no way this twisted 80′s heart can resist HEAVEN and their first taste from a debut EP. 

August 28, 2016

It’s become an epic summer in regards to the release of long awaited and much delayed new music. Though no news has surfaced of when we’ll get to hear a new Chromatics album, which was originally promised for Valentine’s Day, the celebrated italo disco brainchild of Johnny Jewel has revealed the deliciously dark title track, Dear Tommy. I had the magnificent song on repeat the night it first surfaced, and today, we dive into its music video together, replete with blood, crimson roses, an ominous countdown clock, and what seems to be the visual representation of the proverbial forbidden fruit or poisoned apple. Dear Tommy is a distended and ghostly synthcore hymnal, as dramatic and intense as a foggy synthpop song can be. Here’s to hoping a release date will be announced for Chromatics’ new album soon.

November 6, 2015

Earlier this year, we heard a snippet of Chromatics’ cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, likely one of the most covered songs I’ve encountered as shows. Except, this being Chromatics, their cover of the song takes it to regions hitherto unknown. Johnny Jewel and company announced today that they’ll be dropping the  single tomorrow, along with seven different versions of the cover. They also made this day very special by unleashing one of those renditions through a very oblique, murky video. Girls Just Wanna Have Some is absolutely delicious. It’s as if dark italo disco, chillwave, and “witch house” were melted together seamlessly into one droopy, syrupy, and barbed but sweet treat. I’ve already watched and listened countless times today. In the meantime, I’m still wondering when Chromatics is releasing their next album. Hit up the Italians Do It Better website for more info on tomorrow’s release.

April 1, 2015

So, I’ve sort of been waiting to see this indie film named Lost River, which is also Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, ever since I caught its trailer, which has a dark vibe that seems to blend both Lynchian and Luhrmann like qualities, two directors I’m quite fond of. The film also boasts a soundtrack with tracks crafted by Johnny Jewel of Chromatics and Glass Candy (and Italians Do It Better, of course). Saoirse Ronin stars in the film. She’s an actress I have much respect for, too. Imagine my delighted when Johnny revealed the opening track for the film today. Tell Me even features vocals by Saoirse. I don’t know if having film stars sing on soundtracks is becoming a thing or not (reference Jennifer Lawrence and The Hanging Tree), but Tell Me is a beautiful, weightless gem, very different from Johnny Jewel’s usually droopy and murky style. 

March 6, 2015

It’s been a grand year for Chromatics and Johnny Jewel fans, like myself, so far. From re-issues and unreleased tracks to brand new Chromatics tunes, and the promise of a new Chromatics album AND a new Glass Candy album, what’s there not to celebrate? Today brings us another brand new Chromatics song, a sugary sweet synthpop groover named I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around. It’s one of their brighter ones despite an inherent murkiness that we expect of their work, but its certainly not one of their dark and droopy italo disco jams. There hasn’t been any new word on when new album Dear Tommy is dropping. They initially said it would be out Valentine’s Day, then delayed it, and now, they’re just keeping us in mad anticipation. I hope we hear something soon!

February 14, 2015

I was already digging on the new Chromatics yesterday, but upon returning to it today, I was in love at least ten fold more. Just Like You is the first single off the Johnny Jewel project’s new album Dear Tommy, due for release sometime in March. There are endless people waiting in eager anticipation of this release. In the meantime, let Dear Tommy take you on a foggy, hazy journey through grey and pastel colored swirling clouds.

February 3, 2015

Ah, Chromatics, how can I ever resist you, or anything related to Johnny Jewel? The wizard of dark italo disco is at it again, revealing yet another unreleased track. This time, it’s a new version of Chromatics’ Hands In The Dark, and the intoxicating creeper is up for free download. The porous, gritty rendition was on the very first After Dark compilation from 2007. It’s a nice little treat to keep us satiated while we wait for Chromatics new album, Dear Tommy.