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May 9, 2018

The name The Lighthouse and the Whaler has always sounded like some sort of epic novel to me, like a classic book in the vein of Moby Dick. And true to form, the Cleveland band’s music has always been rather vividly cinematic, too. We ride the oceans towards our greatest adventures alongside the band as the trio returns with Into The Unknown, an exuberant charging, triumphant sweeping folk rock anthem bursting with blustering, windswept magnificence. No towering waves or vindictive sea monsters can stop us, not with this rallying-cry of a song coursing through our eager ears. Into The Unknown’s enthusiastic stomps and ardent hand-claps remind us of The Lumineers, while its unbridled zeal and its lively strumming spirit also evoke Of Monsters and Men. TLATW will be kicking off a tour tomorrow that will bring them to Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on May 23rd. Learn more about the tour on their website, here.

May 3, 2016

[PREMIERE] RÉN – Into The Unknown

When the world seems to be flying by at break neck speed and the burden of worries are dragging heavy on the heart, RÉN is here to inspire with hope and optimism. The Brooklyn based singer songwriter delivers glowing feel good pop on new single Into The Unknown. Most people in their early twenties tend to go through various phases of angst, anxiously comparing their lives and goals to those of their peers, all the while perplexed by a crucial choice between what to do and what they want to do. RÉN was addled by the very same issues that so many of us have faced, and to deal with the chaos of it all, she escaped to Santa Cruz, California for some R&R. While there, she drove past a sign at a bakery that simply advised “Relax, you’ve got plenty of time”. A weight was lifted by that sagacious message (and a cupcake was eaten, too). Instead of dwelling on her  worries or on her jealousies, RÉN channeled her renewed energy and the baker’s enlightening advice into Into The Unknown. 

There’s always an abundance of uplifting pop in the world, but Into The Unknown, with the addition of the charming personal story behind the song, feels particularly intimate and sincere. The crisply refreshing, summery flushed gem paints the future as a welcoming prospect, and it’s hard to disagree when

RÉN effortlessly and endearingly coos her way into your smiling heart. Into The Unknown is polished smooth, an irresistibly gliding swathe of lithe sparkling, synth breezy pop. Visit

RÉN’s Soundcloud to listen to this rising chanteuse’s other two excellent pop songs, Sunflowers in the Sky and resonating debut, Time. Into The Unknown will be out on various outlets, including iTunes, this Friday, May 6th.