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March 13, 2018

If anyone wants to tell us about Carchii, we’d be greatly appreciative. All we know about the production project is, well… next to nothing. He, or she, or they, sure have a handle on life changing electronica, as heard on sprawling and epic Interstellar, a masterful blend of melodic bass, future bass, and vocal bass that feels like k?d, Porter Robinson, and Illenium decided to write a magnum opus together. You can also stream the monumental track on Spotify, here. Or download for free, here.

February 21, 2018

Mysterious production twosome ATLiens has been thrilling fans with their heavy hitting trap and bass for awhile now, but they managed to evade our ever curious ears all this time. That all changes this week as we find ourselves caught in the intensely dramatic yet beautifully moving storm that is Interstellar, their latest original which features breathtaking indie vocalist Sara Skinner on singed and smoky vocals. Interstellar moves nimbly between extremes. Its hushed and delicate, tender and melancholic moments are a riveting contrast to its exultant pounding, triumphant marching build ups as well as its sharp jouncing, brain jarring trap drops. You can grab the spellbinding and commanding tour de force, here.