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May 11, 2018

Our very first encounters with Carmody were her sublime collaborations with Tom Misch, but we’ve been duly enamored by the South Londoner’s solo music, too. With over 30 million streams to date, Carmody now takes a bold step into new musical territory with Singing Your Love, reportedly a staple at her sold out live shows. It’s an uptempo ode to infatuation and romantic obsession, an electronica meets soulful pop dazzler with an expansive sonic palette crafted out of fine textures and sweetly soulful vocals. Singing Your Love is a bit like Oh Wonder gone more snazzy sophisticated electro. Of the inspiration behind her new single, Carmody says: “‘Singing Your Love’ feels like my first love song. I read somewhere that songwriters are always documenting each phase of their lives through their music. I had never thought of it like that before, but it felt important to write about a moment beyond the battles that can exist when you fall in love. I’ve always struggled to write about happiness without stumbling into cliché, but it felt like something worth celebrating, something worth dancing about, beyond the scrutiny that I usually put my relationships under. It also came from a conversation I had on the Are We Live podcast, where I started talking about how there are no songs that objectify men, no videos with men washing cars in little cute boxers. So it also stemmed from a desire to see and write about the male form as a muse and sexual object.” Those in the UK can catch Carmody on tour this month. She’ll also be performing at Barn On The Farm Festival and Wilderness Festival this summer. 

May 2, 2018

DC-based duo CUTTS was a more than fortuitous find from my daily music discovery adventures. It only took a few seconds for me to know the pair’s new single The Way Out is not only phenomenal, but it’s just the kind of atmospheric indietronica and alt pop that renders my heart total mush. Take a listen and tell me this somberly stirring, beautifully windswept single isn’t deeply affecting. Perhaps that’s why the band’s name is CUTTS, they cut through our heart like a knife through butter with their push and pull of this exquisitely poignant song. Slivers of R I T U A L’s dark evocative, mournful haunting songs and some of Daughter’s ethereal grandeur course through The Way Out. The truth is, we never want to find our way out of this stunning world that CUTTS has drawn us into. With my curiosity piqued and my affection sparked, I made sure to delve into CUTTS’ previous releases. Stream Entertain Me below, a potent and cinematic extension of the stately eloquence found on The Way Out, but more urgent and intense. The Way Out is available via Toneden, here.

March 23, 2018

I’ll always be fond of dark and mathy, heady and entrancing music, which is exactly what Portugal’s Whales gave us last year on How Long. But this time around, the trio, who used to make up Surma’s band in Lisbon, unleash a dreamy, cosmic spell on us with their atmospheric indietronica thrummer, Ghost. This is a haunting specter, but one that is beautifully entrancing. The song comes from their self titled album, available on Bandcamp, here. Expansive Ghost is complemented with a finely nuanced music video, on which they worked with creative collective Casota. 

January 16, 2018

There’s no denying how deeply Haux’s music connects with our hearts, nor any refuting of how hauntingly beautiful the elusive artist’s folktronica and ambient electronica can be. Woodson Black, who had a pivotal 2017 with the release of his magnificent debut EP All We’ve Known, seems to know the hidden chambers of our hearts on Heartbeats, his new song and video from a forthcoming sophomore EP. Though an icy chilling, atmospheric hovering track, Heartbeats is as emotively poignant and ghostly stirring as ever. It leaves me with chills rippling through my body, and goosebumps rising on my skin. The Berkshires based artist’s striking new ballad is a tender humming sigh and a soft trembling murmur, drawn gently across our ears, repossessing our souls with a lonesome sadness. The video that accompanies this introspective journey was filmed in the Cape Cod seaside town of Truro, Massachusetts, and it features Sam Laiz and model Chloe Nørgaard. The clip previews a forthcoming companion film, giving us a glimpse of the characters and a narrative which tracks a young carpenter whose life takes an unexpected turn when he falls for a girl with pink hair and a dour secret. At the end of a whirlwind three days romance, the young man is left with a difficult choice that explores the depths of love, loss, and  atonement. Haux’s sophomore EP and companion short film Something To Remember arrives March 30th. Pre-order, here.

September 11, 2017

There’s such a beauty and serenity to Arctic Lake’s ethereal pop and indietronica, and it’s on full display on Living Under You, the London trio’s newest single. Underneath that tranquility always lies a deep longing and aching poignancy. It’s like floating on the very lake their name evokes, it fills listeners with wonder and amazement yet tugs at the heart. Living Under You also shimmers and flutters with a crystalline groove. The song and Arctic Lake’s prior single Further will both be on new EP, Closer, due out October 20th. Re-visit Further and the band’s prior offerings on Soundcloud, here.

July 13, 2017

As much as I love the great outdoors, I’ve yet to make my way back to Yosemite since a handful of trips with my family when I was young. I know it’s a travesty, considering the fact that Yosemite isn’t even that far from the Bay, and it’s a treasure trove of picturesque scenery (as Ansel Adams so famously documented) and inspiring challenges, like Half Dome. You know what’s another treasure trove? New London artist Hider’s halcyon soothing song Yosemite, which is an abundance of nostalgic feels. On Yosemite, Hider melds Milky Chance-like folksy earthiness, Broken Back-like alt dance beats, and Portugal. the Man-like lofty vocals to create a summery lifting, lambently comforting song that could certainly light up any trip to Yosemite. You can purchase Hider’s Yosemite from iTunes, here.

April 29, 2017

I’m indebted to serendipity for my chance encounter with a project named Goodwood Atoms whose members reside in Vancouver and who create atmospheric, evocative indie rock. Some of the music I found myself fixated over from the band may have been out for some time, but they’ve been newly imported into SoundCloud, perhaps even re-released as part of a self titled EP. Considering the brilliance of Goodwood Atoms’ compositions, there’s no avoiding the need to share. One such single, entitled Into The Bay, is moored to finespun folktronica and tethered to intriguing art rock in a manner that recalls both Alt-J and Radiohead. Visit more of Goodwood Atoms’ fine songs on their Soundcloud, here.

April 27, 2017

English duo Matthew and Me warm us up with retro wavy synths and pure silken falsettos on breathtaking new track Every Day, their first new music since late last year’s Starpoint EP. Matthew Board and Lucy Fawcett engulf us into a sleek fluid, cool soothing, deep rippling ocean. We dip under its surface and let its currents push and pull us as we drift to Every Day’s soft beats and gently swelling melody. Alive is a meticulously crafted, beautifully delivered song that reminds me at times of Wild Beasts or Geographer, but with a far richer, tidal rolling torrent of climactic electronica.

April 27, 2017

Happened might be one of the most unique and intriguing tunes we’ve encountered for some time. It prowls with a steady pace under cover of dark shadows, mesmerizing us with its tribal drums and ghostly brass. The trip hop, alt electronica, and dark folk concoction comes from Perera Elsewhere, a London born, Berlin based self proclaimed “doom-folk” producer, songwriter, and dungeon DJ. Happened is taken from Perera Elsewhere’s sophomore album All Of This, which arrives on June 2nd. The artist sings about being “insatiable” on the eerie haunting song. I find myself insatiable when it comes to this song. It wiggles its way deep beneath my skin and I can’t get enough of it. Pre-order All Of This from major services and outlets, here.

March 9, 2017

RY X and Frank Wiedemann’s Howling still haunts me to this very day, despite it being well over three years since I first heard the beautiful folktronica song. You can re-visit that tune’s video, here. The pair, who are also individually involved in The Acid and Âme, officially took on the song’s title to make more music together soon afterwards. Howling went on to release a critically acclaimed debut album in 2014. They return today with an entrancing ambient cut named Phases. This confluence of dusky folktronica and ambient deep house is organically mesmerizing and beautifully intoxicating, a surreal expanse that truly shifts through a sophisticated array of phases. The song comes as our first taste of Howling’s long awaited sophomore album, expected to arrive later this year. Phases is available now from iTunes alongside a club edit and a radio edit. You can also stream the song on Soundcloud below.