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February 16, 2018

We must thank long time R&B pop favorite DVWEZ, not once, but twice, for the sublime aural experience that is this next silky gliding joint. Not only did she key us in on RYSC’s Release, but she also worked with the mysterious artist, her friend, on the song. The R&B soul and chill electronica hybrid comes off of RYSC’s recent Amyloid EP, a gorgeously affecting four track release you can stream in full below. For those that have never read about amyloids, they’re these sticky proteins that aggregate into plaques and fibrils all throughout the body, but when it happens in the brain, research has shown that this can lead to the degenerative disease known as Alzheimer’s (I have my science degrees and past research experience to thank for this knowledge). It seems that RYSC is making a statement about memories, and how they’re tied to sorrow and heartbreak, with his music. Indeed, Release is a wistful and bittersweet yet airy and sublime beauty on which he coos “I try to forget, all the things you said to me…” Hopefully, someday soon, they’ll find the cure for Alzheimer’s, and we’ll never have to fear forgetting how blissful it is to dissolve into RYSC’s sweet Release. 

January 17, 2018

If you haven’t already heard of London’s Mae Muller, you’ll want to remember this name, because she’s one of the most compelling and arresting female R&B soul artists we’ve come across in quite some time. Her new single Jenny is already making its rounds scintillating tastemakers’ palates with its brassy swagger and smoldering sass. Her mahogany smoked voice and the superb single immediately reminded me of Jorja Smith, another sensational R&B soul talent who’s garnered a whole lot of acclaim from critics and fans alike. There’s a classic vibe to Mae Muller’s ace single, which is a rhythmic and snazzy charmer from her forthcoming EP, After Hours, out February 6th. The video for Jenny is also an arresting treat that plays off the cheeky attitude found on this ode to girls sticking by each other, boys be damned. We’ll be eagerly awaiting that debut EP, but in the meantime, soak in the chill smoky, sensual swirling R&B soul of Mae’s debut single The Hoodie Song below.

December 23, 2017

Berlin based Toronto alt R&B/soul artist Sway Clarke all but disappeared from the scene lately, despite having made an indelible imprint on us with his intoxicating soundscapes and creamy smooth voice in past years. Turns out, he was having some issues with his label, but he’s now taken back the wheel of his career with a phenomenal new indie soul and electro R&B ballad named Either Way. It’s an intricate and ornate, lavish and turbulent song, woven with a jaw dropping attention to detail and an engrossing unpredictability. Experimental and jazzy permeation adds to Either Way’s sophistication. Sway Clarke explains of the new single: 

“Either Way is just about having options, but still feeling stuck as fuck. It’s like when you find out your partners been peeping your homie, and as mad as you want to get you know you ain’t leaving them. A tragic beauty.” Well we don’t want to let go of Sway Clarke, and we hope this return marks a fresh new chapter of brilliantly crafted new music to come. You can also stream Either Way via Spotify, here.

November 2, 2017

It’s fortuitous whenever a new Fortunes. track arrives, as we’ve long learned from the Australian duo’s prior servings of their gooey electro soul and creamy R&B funk. And boy are the pair extra satin swooning on their new tune, Daddies, which can be found on a new mixtape called Thirty Days Of Yes that supports the Australian/New Zealand LGBTQ community in light of the marriage equality debate going on over on that side of the world. Plush and fleecy Daddies is a dusky late night suitor that will certainly set the mood. It’s out on Future Classic, here. Watch a video for the song below.

April 4, 2017

Plush billowing drapes of warm synths and cloak of misty beats embrace us as we plunge into the luxuriance of Once More, a second single we’ve been so eagerly awaiting from Amsterdam based alt R&B artist Nambyar. He first wooed us with his buttery smooth falsettos and florid swelling music on lead single Warm In The Winter earlier this year. He keeps us more than cozy content with his new one, a beauty of an atmospheric longing ballad. Once More can also be streamed via Soundcloud below.

March 26, 2017

The intimate appeal of Nilüfer Yanya’s music is undeniable. I’m still obsessing over her debut EP, Small Crimes, yet here the Londoner is again with another captivating new single, The Florist. The song’s sparse acoustics leaves plenty of room for her soulful voice to bloom ever so enticingly and beautifully. The Florist is soft and cottony, but it also boasts a slow building groove effused with sweeping vitality. The single is out now via Blue Flowers. You can also stream The Florist via Soundcloud below.

February 14, 2017

UK singer songwriter Carmody initially captured my attention with her bountiful collaborations with jazzy soulful Tom Misch, but lest we forget how dazzling her solo material can be, let’s dive into her first single of 2017, Before You Knew Me. Her satin soulful voice is flawless on this graceful and elegant slice of soulful R&B pop. The minimalist aesthetic of Before You Knew Me only serves to highlight Carmody’s voice even more. Its a slow simmering, soft clattering beauty and it’s out now on iTunes.

January 16, 2017

[PREMIERE] BEij – What Was I Thinking

Electronic music group BEij swoops out of Seattle to burn us up with a genre bending form of pop on new single What Was I Thinking. This seething indie ballad is a syrupy swooning emulsion in which soul, blues, R&B, and electronica dissolve into a hot river of molten lava ready to liquefy our hearts. BEij’s creamy smooth cooing pitches and yaws on a blistering bed of racy simmering guitars and restless billowing synths. Though this tightly wound soundscape calls to mind a number of Jack Garratt’s tumultuously gripping tunes, BEij’s What Was I Thinking strides with slinky confidence of its own, all while dusted with sensuous spice. BEij describe their music as “eliminating the divide between what is natural and synthetic”. What Was I Thinking is exemplary of that achievement, a pristine cohesion between acoustic and electronic. The emotionally charged single is a free download, here. For more of BEij’s nimble song crafting, visit the group’s Soundcloud, here.

April 2, 2016

Groove Boy was one of Belgian alt pop duo New Portals’ very first songs last year. Their new music video for the song is a welcome re-visit of the sleek electronic pop and sultry R&B jam. The song certainly “grooves” alongside its ethereal chimes and feathery vocals. Groove Boy’s music video is a shadowy extension of the bitterly brooding undercurrents of the song. Its delicate magnetism and synthy pop allure would slide right in next to music by Oh Wonder, WET, and Say Lou Lou.

March 10, 2016

I welcome TOTEM back with open arms as the New York based singer songwriter and producer reveals his first new material since late last year’s Echoes EP. Darkly brooding alt R&B packs a powerful emotional punch on sleek and luxuriant Addicted. It’s Miguel sultriness and Twin Shadow magnificence aplenty on TOTEM’s new one, possibly his most potently anguished song and passionately tormented song yet. TOTEM will also be performing at SXSW next week, with an appearance at the Spotify House.