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November 21, 2017

On Friday, heart tenderizing British duo Aquilo released side A of their sophomore album, ‘ii’, on Harvest Records. To mark the arrival of the five-track EP, the pair have shared a music video for new single Who Are You, a beautifully misty and woodsy willowy suffusion of lush orchestral, soul searching bliss. It’s long been apparent it’s impossible not to melt to Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher’s music. Take in their new EP/Side A of their next album in full, here

“We’re doing things differently,” explains Ben. “Streaming has changed how we all consume music. We still love the album format, but it needs updating. Releasing an album in two halves is our way of doing that.”

September 23, 2017

Yellow Days came swinging out of the gates last year to become one of the most heavily lauded and widely acclaimed indie artists of the moment. The 18 year old wunderkind continues to impress as he works towards the release of his upcoming project ‘Is Everything Okay In Your World?’ by sharing an astonishing new single named I Believe In Love. As always, there’s a ghostliness to George van den Broek’s warped and gauzy form of saccharine aching, deeply cutting alt soul and psych blues. Love is romantic, yet love is poignant. Love is powerful, so love is unmerciful. But we’ll always believe in it, because that’s what makes life worth living. Never has this seemed more palpable in a song than in Yellow Days’ spacey, woozy new song, on which his quivering voice carries a mountain of heart rending anguish along with its staunch conviction. Yellow Days will be playing a series of dates in the UK and Europe this fall, all of them sold out, unsurprisingly. Debut full length Is ‘Everything Okay In Your World?’ drops on October 27th via Good Years.

September 16, 2017

We were introduced to Tord Øverland Knudsen of The Wombats and Marius Drogsås Hagen of Team Me’s ‘super-project’ Imitating Aeroplanes when the pair shared their second single Stomping Ground earlier this month. They took us on a spacey spiraling cosmic trip with their alt pop and synthrock. They delve even further into the kaleidoscopic and the psychedelic with new song H.I.T.S. The glorious new anthem’s prismatic brilliance rivals that of Tame Impala and Mutemath, with some extra funk punch and pop pull. H.I.T.S. is taken from Imitating Aeroplanes’ forthcoming debut album Planet Language, out September 22nd via Propeller Recordings. Pre-order, here.

August 29, 2016

The summery radiance and bubbly energy on VHS Collection’s latest song is undeniably contagious. Yet Waiting On The Summer was written on one of the coldest days of the year in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. The NYC trio must have a vivid imagination to be able to create a synthy pop tune so warm and vibrant on a day so frigid. The indie band explains that the song is a “cry for warmer weather, unsupervised high-junks, group love, and half baked self-expression.” The end of our summer lurks on the horizon. I know what I’ll be listening to when the temperature drops and I want to daydream about long sunlit days and wax nostalgic over the past season’s shenanigans. Waiting On The Summer is off VHS Collection’s upcoming EP, Stereo Hype, out September 2nd.

May 17, 2016

It’s pretty glaringly obvious by now that Woolf and the Wondershow always puts on a sonic wondershow. The Los Angeles two piece follow up on last week’s Vandal with a scintillating alt pop song entitled Drinking About You, perhaps something many of us can relate to from past experience. The song is revealed alongside a captivating live performance video, direct footage from Woolf and the Wondershow’s recent invite only concept installment shows in downtown LA last month. Drinking About You sees the duo go a satin soulful direction, and it’s a melting display of creamy cooing and sweeping production melding orchestral with electronic. Drinking About You will be on Woolf and the Wondershow’s forthcoming EP, We Need To Talk, alongside previously shared Cloaked, Cages, and Vandal. We Need To Talk impacts on June 10th, and it’s going to be magnificent. 

May 8, 2016

Kentucky band Quiet Hollers are guilty of providing me with some of the best songs to soundtrack my trip to Europe last fall. I had a very hard time retiring the band’s self titled album from rotation. They quickly remind me why with a beautiful new song named Broken Guitar. This is a song whose weathered indie rock is earthy and heartfelt. Lushly sentimental Broken Guitar boasts much more than moving guitar. It’s also much propelled by its heart rending keys and an orchestral pop like richness. The song calls for my The National loving heart. Broken Guitar is available now from bandcamp.

April 5, 2016

If the name Astrid S is familiar to you mainly because of your undying love for Matoma’s recent sparkling original, Running Out, prepare yourself, you’re about to fall madly in love with the singer songwriter. The Norwegian songbird recently uploaded her gorgeous electropop song Paper Thin onto Soundcloud and Spotify, providing us with the perfect opportunity to let its crystalline, fragile beauty liquefy our hearts. Astrid S’s voice is extraordinarily enchanting, and her song’s twinkling elegance is purely spellbinding. Is it any wonder Astrid S is one of the most popular pop stars back at home in Norway?

March 23, 2016

In case you missed the memo about half a year ago, Liverpool’s CANVAS joins the ranks of many indie acts I’ve supported over the years who’ve found it advantageous to change their name. Now known as The Night Café, the quartet continues to win me over time and time again with their luscious, plucky indie rock and pop, following up on their last single with new tune Together. Bright, sun kissed Two Door Cinema Club riffs and The Wombats like mellifluous charm make Together a heart warming, irresistible guitar pop jewel. Together will be released as a single on April 11th.

January 26, 2016

If it’s more hooking indie pop you want, then turn your ears towards this brand new band from Denver named POPFILTER. Their debut song Empire is a vibrant slice of synth flavored alt, a polished Magic Man meets The Wombats sort of treat. Empire is but the first in a series of four more songs to be revealed over the next months by POPFILTER. I’m eager to hear whether the next songs will be as fabulously uplifting and radiant.

January 23, 2016

It was but a few days ago that I encountered and promptly shared High Highs’ song, Boxing, whose languorous warmth put quite the spell on me. The New York alt pop duo have already revealed a new song off their forthcoming album Cascades, and they have me swimming in a shimmering sea of dreamy bliss on How Could You Know. High Highs dishes out an abundance of swirling guitar and feathery vocals on the intoxicating indie pop song. Stream How Could You Know on Spotify above, or Soundcloud below. New album Cascades, which is shaping up to be a splendid release, drops on February 5th. Pre-order, here.