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February 15, 2018

RIVVRS is back with more of his raw and potent music as the Los Angeles based singer songwriter teases his upcoming album Cosmic Dream with yet another superb song named Don’t Wanna Know. Its dusty twanging guitars and sandy vocals are awash with the weathered charm of Americana and the bluesy allure of roots rock. This is a song you’ll want to take out on the open road, where it can soundtrack a long drive. As the wind tousles your hair, that heavy weight in your heart slowly dissipates. RIVVRS croons intimately into our ears and comforts our weary souls, setting us free, if only for a few brief minutes. Don’t Wanna Know is available from major outlets, here.

April 25, 2017

The band name Front Porch Lights sounds very comforting and reassuring. It evokes memories of going home late at night and seeing the porch lights on. Someone at home is waiting for you and thinking of you. Someone cares, even if they might be mad that you’re still out and worried that you’re not back yet. The rising indie Americana rockers from Cleveland, fronted by Conor Standish (formerly of The Burning River Ramblers), have converted those warm, nostalgic feels into impeccable sound on Go On Ahead, the title track from a sophomore EP to be released on June 9th. Bittersweet twanging, tender billowing Go On Ahead is a dusty endearing ballad drenched in golden rays of sunlight. Front Porch LIghts will be touring the midwest in support of their new music beginning this Saturday in Chicago at Elbo Room. Find out more from their website, here.